Mhz req. for burner?



i have an old pc with k6\2 337mhz that id like to put a dvd burner in, but the lowest mhz requirement for a burner i’ve been able to find is 450mhz–anyone know of one i might be able to use?


May be you should just start by getting yourself an other PC ???


Its mainly IDE bus speed and memory that you require, though processor speed is required but not as high as you would think.


It’s not really a question of which burner you need to get in order to use it on your old 337MHz pc. Regardless of which official requirements each burner has, they will all work (or not work) at the same speed.

Your pc is definitely not fast enough to burn DVDs at 16x, and perhaps not even fast enough for 8x burning - your harddrive and bus will not be able to keep up a sufficiently fast data rate.

The good news is that all DVD burners have buffer under-run prevention, so you will still be able to burn a disc even though the burner will have to stop and wait for more data during burns.

My guess is that your pc will be able to burn a DVD at 4x provided that the pc has enough RAM. So you COULD buy an older 4x burner, but the problem with that is that it probably wouldn support the newer medie on the market, and older media is getting harder and harder to find.

So I suggest you buy one of the newer 16x burners which burns high-speed media well at 4x speed. I’m not sure which burner best fits that description, and it is not information you are likely to find in a review.


This pc specs are not fast enough to use hi-speed cd-burning. So DVD burning is out of question.


i have a few other pcs already which has nothing to do with the question-it really was a matter of already haveing a few burners and one coming i made a mistake picking up–was just wondering if one would work in this pc-


I always see ~500Mhz minimum , whenever you look at Burner specs - not sure why

Here’s a 450MHz minimum ex;

Yet - this Plextor calls for 1.4GHz :eek: …wha???

scroll to the bottom of pages for specs

not true at all - I’ve got a 350MHz PII - that burns at 40x (fairly hi-speed) - and Plays back DVDROMs (Movies) just fine

then again - I’m right at the border line, since the PII 350 is the first to use the 100MHz FSB - so I’m not sure about that K2/337Mhz - depending if it’s a 66MHz FSB, then I’d have to say Upgrade


yes!! thanx eye for one i knew it could work=i didnt say i need 16x ultra burning, just one that would work–truth is, i put one in today-says 450 min. mhz and it does work-just barely(beef n’ _ please). but that was all i wanted-to put these burners to use-(went a little overboard on ebay)-eye for big one–what dvd player do you use-i need a minimal system pulling one-


The one I’m referring to is an old Toshiba DVDROM drive (SD-M1202) …My CDRW (40x12x48) is an unbadged / unbranded Buslink CDRW - it originally was an External CDRW – came in it’s own USB 2.0 enclosure and I pulled it from there and installed it internally :slight_smile:

I have yet to have the delight of installing a DVDRW into this particular system – but a decent Lite-on or NEC should work out Ok

If you d/l Everest from - it’ll tell you all your system hardware info…remember the 100FSB is the minimum I’d use for any of this stuff – stream9ing a Movie is much less taxing than trying to burn a DVD, though at the time - it was pretty amazing to even watch a movie on the PC (~1999)

a major issue is the Chipset and the Systems I/O capabilities – like mine can do only up to UDMA Mode2 (Intel 440BX Chipset limitation) - but UDMA 2 is 33.3MB/sec and fine for even most burners - though the newer ones do UDMA mode 4 - 66.6MB/sec (3 was never used 44.4MB/sec).


The installed amount of RAM is also an important factor. How much is it?


you mean me ?? :confused:
on that box, it’s got only 256MB


That’s good. Most systems of that “age” have really lesser RAM installed.


I thought somebody might be interested in what the Nero results were with this burner in the k6\2 337mhz–the drive says min mhz req. is 450. it seems to me to work better than the cdrom that was in there–games load faster-i recorded these results to dvdrw to bring to this machine im posting with–

Nero CD Speed Test results–

General Information
Operating System Windows ME
Firmware Version UPP6
Serial Number
Disc DVD-Video
Capacity 7.82 GB

Transfer Rate
Start 2.72x
End 3.66x
Average 6.27x
Type P-CAV

Seek Times
Random 97 ms
1/3 138 ms
Full 110 ms

CPU Usage
1X 7 %
2X 15 %
4X 100 %
8X 100 %

Burst Rate 14451 KB/sec

Spin Up/Down Times
Spin Up Time 3.40 sec
Spin Down Time 2.35 sec

Load/Eject Times
Load Time 1.11 sec
Eject Time 0.96 sec
Recognition Time 2.76 sec

Time Elapsed Action
[21:45:33] Starting Transfer Rate Test
[22:02:32] 17:00 Speed:3-4 X P-CAV (6.27 X average)
[22:02:32] Starting Seek Times Test
[22:02:42] Random Seek: 97 ms
[22:02:56] 1/3 Seek: 138 ms
[22:03:07] 0:35 Full Seek: 110 ms
[22:03:07] Starting CPU Usage Test
[22:03:22] CPU usage at 1X: 7 %
[22:03:38] CPU usage at 2X: 15 %
[22:03:58] CPU usage at 4X: 100 %
[22:04:40] 1:33 CPU usage at 8X: 100 %
[22:04:40] Starting Burst Rate Test
[22:04:41] 0:01 Interface burst rate: 14 MB/sec (14451 KB/sec)
[22:04:41] Starting Spin-Up/Down Test
[22:04:47] Spin-up time: 3.40 seconds
[22:04:59] 0:18 Spin-down time: 2.35 seconds
[22:04:59] Starting Load/Eject Test
[22:05:00] Eject time: 0.96 seconds
[22:05:02] Load time: 1.11 seconds
[22:05:11] 0:12 Recognition time: 2.76 seconds


Not bad results for such an “old age” system.
Before trying to burn, you should aslo make a test using the SIMULTAION mode. :wink:


simulation mode? is that in nero? i’ve already burned with it-the results onto a dvdrw to bring to this machine i use with broadband-i barely can play a movie though-alot of stutter-anybody got a suggestion for a software player? wma, avi plays fine though?the bus is 75mgz by the way-like the one poster said, i’m sure thats slowing things down


Simulation is possible in Nero, also in DVDDecrypter and surely others…
Software player?

I happily use ZoomPlayer and if it comes to real-stuff I use WMP Classic.


Make sure the IDE’s (HDD and Opticals) are using DMA mode in Device Manager (see attached images)
Press WinKey + Pause/Break to open System Properties
or Right click “My computer” | choose Properties
(again with winME , I’m not sure - here’s a screenie of Msconfig in win ME …and perhaps the Environment tab or the General Tab has access to System File Checker (extraction tool)

*Use the Built-in Windows DVD Player
Dunno about 2K/XP (see below for XP) - but these are the 5 files you’ll need to extract from the 98 CDROM (for 98 anyway)
Start | Run SFC

Extract these 5 files (but I forget if winME has this tool above - (see this;EN-US;129605) – relives one of the many many reasons ppl really disliked ME

these two belong in the \SYSTEM folder (\System32 if you want to try it in 2k/xp, if these files are even available - perhaps use EXPAND command, not Extract)

these 3 belong in the \WINDOWS\HELP folder, and I guess not really even necessary

XP specific
DVD - Enable DVD Player in Media Player

This setting allows you to use Microsoft Windows Media Player to Play and Open DVDs.

Start | Run Regedit


  • Value Name: EnableDVDUI
  • Data Type: REG_SZ (String Value),
  • Value Data: yes or no.

right click any blank area in the right pane and point to New | String
Create a new string value called EnableDVDUI and set it to Yes to enable DVD functionality.