MGM loses class action suit for 325 defective DVD movies

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 Does MGM  owe you some money? Apparently, some disgruntled customers determined that Metro  Goldwyn Mayer or MGM got the wide-screen measurements on over  300 movies wrong, and it...
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So I get a total of 7 bux for every dvd that is faulty, when I paid 20 for them in the first place. Thanks for coming out, and screwing your customers more then once. First with a defective movie, and now with insult of a partial refund. Yet another true facet of the American way. Screw the sheeple cause they are so dumb that they will do whatever they are told. Give me my ORIGINAL purchase price back you bastards, and a better list of movies as a replacement, almost all the replacement movies are utter CRAP!

Actually, I believe it is probably the lawyers who are the reason that MGM only has to pay $7 to DVD owners. The lawyers must have gotten the remaining $13. Unfortunately, THAT is the American way when it comes to this class action lawsuit crap. The lawyers make the money and the people who were wronged get screwed!:(:r I wonder, if there are multi-DVD sets involved in this screwup, do you only get $7 for the set or do you get $7 per disc within the set? Still getting screwed either way, only its a larger screwing if you paid, say, $50 for a 3 DVD set and you only get $7 vs. $21 if it goes per DVD.

Well I was going to turn in discs until I found out the discs are the fullscreen ones they cheated on, they shrunk those apparently.

I have 6 of these crappy discs. I note that some affected movies are not on the list, such as “Great Escape” which was butchered into a letterboxed 2.35:1–4:3 . Are they replacing them with pan-scan versions?

Listen to me guys…these DVDs are NOT defective. Whoever filed this law suit is an idiot. If they knew anything about aspect ratio, how movies are so and the entire point of letterboxing they see what a mistake they have made.

Listen to me guys…these DVDs are NOT defective. Whoever filed this law suit is an idiot. If they knew anything about aspect ratios, how movies are shot and the entire point of letterboxing they see what a mistake they have made.

That info. should have come out during the trial. The fact that MGM lost the trial proves to me that they were selling botched aspect ratio movies.:r

Check out this thread at HomeTheaterForum for better understanding I think what got MGM in the hole is the little graphic example they have on the inserts. Using this a open matted films would be miss leading.

Ranmacanada and Saruman you better request a refund on the money you spend on your education, or at least get some glasses, or better glasses than what you might use now. Quote: “Class members who submit “timely and valid” claim forms may exchange each Eligible DVD for a new MGM DVD from a list of the 325 titles or $7.10.” Reads: New movie OR OR OR OR OR, do you get it? OR OR OROr $7.10 Dumbsnuffs!

DKDD, Yep, I actually did see that. :B However, if there is nothing you want that is “eligible”, then you have to settle for the $7 (OK, $7.10, I rounded down :d). BTW, why F&$# a good rant with the facts for, huh? :B :d :B
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The problem is that you can’t tell the difference between the MGM “real” widescreen" titles and the matted letterbox titles, based on the package. I have examples of true widescreen and matted that have the exact same “widescreen” logo on the package. This is clearly misleading, and VERY dissapointing for someone who has a 16:9 monitor and can’t see more than a sliver of picture centered in the screen. The resolution of the image is too low to zoom it in and fill the screen, so you are screwed.

get ya hankies out boyz n galz INSULTED or what

So at least now we know the clear profit per unit sold of all DVD’s sold by MGM after costs! Given that world annual retail sales exceed US$25 Billion(figure was obtained from a CNET report), and rapidly increasing. Now since 68% plus of last years income as reported by MGM, was derived from retail sales of DVD’s. This means the industry will close down any independent distribution of all Video media period by any means. Vale to “loki torrent” date R.I.P. February 10th 2005 :c


Isn’t it amazing? the lost the suit but they get away with screwing the customer all over again! This $7.10 will not fully reimburse me for the DVDs I bought in good faith, nor will it allow me to replace the DVDs that I purchased in the first place because I wanted to own them and to rub even more salt in the wound they are not offering an exchange program that included all of the titles they originally screwed me on and they have the effrontery to claim they did nothing wrong! WTH were people thinking when they thought the terms of this settlement would be acceptible? I am tired of seeing corpoadoes shafting the public and then walkig off stage with a slap on the wrist and opportunity to rake in more profits. :frowning: