MGM goes public with decision to support Blu-ray format

I just posted the article MGM goes public with decision to support Blu-ray format.

Blu-ray camp has just captured a coup with the addition of the MGM portfolio and
now they can claim a full 80% of the available content when added with
other supporters on their…

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Oh boy, now MGM can release all those low-res letterboxed transfers on BD discs. There aughta be about room for 20 or 30 movies on one disc at the bitrate they use. :wink:

This will help save us from a format war. I Hope the boys in China get to work on a mod chip or new BluRay player that won’t have any of the copy protection special sauce. And thank heck the movie business did not require the use of a conditional access card system like DirecTV does where they could send out new cards once in a while to screw over whatever piracy was happening. Each studio could have put their own DRM version on a card, and one player with 3-4 slots and you are watching a MGM movie you need to make sure you’re “MGM-BLUE” card is in one of the slots, or “SONY-ORANGE” to watch a Sony movie on your player. They could have locked out the independent movie makers at the same time too… Piracy would have been a pain, and if someone broke the DRM on the card they could just make a new one (and charge for it) and require a new card for all the Sony movies. Now thanks to all the ‘standards’ piracy will be possible (not easy); but the break once run everywhere style should work.

Think you will pay £4 and after a few days you can no longer play the movie. With this tech. you will no longer buy movies from them and only rent them for a time. If someone breaks the keys they can replace them the next time you use a disc from them or connect to the internet.
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@ grimes -hehehe I thought the same thing. Each time I go to the grocery store I see a rack of “special discounted” MGM movies. :r
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I don’t know if you realized this, but the Blue-Ray spec allows content companies to update the protection method of the player itself. The disc will match the player code to a list it has and will deny access to the Player in question. A conditional access card acts in the same function. As far as updating cards, when a new movie comes out, it will have the newest list of approved player codes, and then will update the protection and the codes on the player. I just hope that HD-DVD will win the match.
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mgm would not give us only so-so quality stuffs @ hd price at which i would not buy even without the drm

I do, but the dynamic updates can and will be blocked and pulled apart. Piracy will take the form of two parts, the Firmware hacks, and the movies. So each movie’s NFO will have a “must have player firmware XXX.XX” and other pirates will be the ones to extract, crack and release fixed firmware for you to load on your players. Much like the firmware on mod chips now on the consoles.

who is mgm, i have not see a halfway decent movie from those turkeys since “Gone With The Wind”