Mgeg To dvd

Hi i am a newbie to this forum i have a avi file which i converted to mpeg in TMPGEnc and when i tryed to burn it to dvd-r using nero 6 it says " Only Complaint DVD-Video Files "

(Video_TS.IFO , VBO , BUP " VTS_nn_0.IFO ,VBO , BUP

Can someone please help me

Thank YOU.

Hi Tom1987 and welcome to the forum ,

The .avi file is now a .mpeg file , but the trouble is , that a normal dvd video does not use “just mpeg files”.

Because a dvd can have multiple angles , menu’s , different soundtracks , and so forth , there is an actual agreement amongst the standards.

The standard is , that all dvd content will be written in the .VOB/IFO/VBO/BUP/etc format , which will have every sound , camera angle and menu item embedded in one big file.

To get your mpeg file converted to a nice dvd vob file , you will need a software product that can do such a thing. I believe Pinnacle Studio can do this for you. Unfortunately Nero can’t.

Mr. Belvedere what i need is a software that can do that and i dont think Pinnacle studio can so this .

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