i apologize to all fellow freaks for posting this question in an area other than the on in which it should appear, as i am a believer in not airing one’s soiled laundry in public. however, this is necessitated by one ‘kerry56,’ i believe [i am not certain of the his/her/its moniker, and i don’t think paging back to her court transcript warrants the effort. evidently, ms/mr/… keri has taken it upon him/her/it self to appoint h/h/i as my judge, jury and executioner. as an aside, to m/m/i, you should be a bit more careful when exercising your ‘big fish in a little pond’ power/mentality. by opting for what you deem to be ‘the moreal high-ground,’ in my disagreement with…uh…chef, i do believe, you have, in the process, tipped your hand [presumably, and hopefully, unbeknownst to you. more on that in a moment…but first! few character traits [tragic flaws would be closer to the truth] peeve me more than does h/s/i who/that possesses the dreaded ‘holier than thou’ attitude. it is, i fear, number one on my ‘most distasteful personality characteristics’ list. m/m/i chef wears it not unlike a medal of [dis]honor, and because i find it absolutely tasteless, i felt duty-bound to take issue with the issue. but you, on the other hand, keereee, elevate this repugnant trait to an artform—so much so that you relegate the chef to…well…as if h/s/i belongs chained barefoot to the stove; in the kitchen. Where else, eh? So chef remains imprisoned in the kitchen, which is so apropos, because you are friggin’ sheriff, k-monster. yep, there ya sit, pistol cocked [with a seemingly hair-trigger finger, i’ll add], as i’ve already been at the wrong end of that barrel. ‘cause you’re a long tall texan, and you do wear a big white hat, even to the extent of being a legend in your own mind. ‘you just watch what ya say, boy, or you’ll be chef’s roomie…and you’ll see just how friendly and cozy you two get to be. oh, and one other thing. not only best you mind your tongue youngin’—there’s a coupla other things you’d best know ‘bout this town: I AM THE LAW, I AM JUDGE ROY BEAN to you, boy. i knew that right off; your pronounced me guilty for talkin’ about what 80% of this town’s citizenry is likewise guilty of, but your ‘CASE CLOSED’ stamp, coupled with a gary cooper-style ‘consider this a warnin’, you saddle tramp’ has made me feel downright unwelcome. fact is, i’m already so dadburned plum loco about wearin’ your brand on my backside, i’ve but one choice, as i see it: i gotta GET OUTTA DODGE. as in N-O-W. but i’ve yet to speak my small piece i mentioned earlier. no matter who/what ever you are…try to remember: when you knock somone down a notch [as you did me], you did what i did to cheffenheimmer. it’s kinda like capital punishment. why do we kill people to teach people that killin’ people is wrong? so you are guilty of charge no. 1: you don’t use logic; you’d rather use yer pistola than yer brain. i think i understand this, though. you’ve simply never studied logic [of if so, slept through it]. okay, on to your second and final charge. let us assume i was out of line [which, in all honesty, IS debatable], but my propensity toward taking umbrage at one who is condescending may be dismissed as ‘stupefied fratricide] as i believe we are all brethren, as well as Her children. The sheriff what likes livin’, however, takes the rowdy aside [ala pm or email, perhaps?] rather than denigrating his character for the entire town to behold. people with that attitude should not be in positions of authority. they let the power get to their heads, and as we all know, power corrupts. in a case like this, however, you like to wear the white hat, badge and gun because you do not feel good about yourself. this is evidenced by your display of publicly scolding whomever can be construed as outta line. the way one who does not feel good about one’s self inlates one’s ego by belittling others. i make you feel small [bad] so i can feel good [big]…dig? so, bottom line? you gotta play yer cards closer to the vest; don’t tip your hand like you did. so, in closing [if that can be believed] lemme make it clear that i do not dislike either of you; just a little introspection is all. the easiest person in the world to fool is ourself [honest to Her]. So, as i feel it best to leave doge [canya get me off that ridiculous email list? please? as well as the town population? although i’m leavin’ dodge…I SHOT THE SHERIFF.


You’re Tatiana, from American Idol, right?

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