MFG & media tye ID stores onlNE


Are there stores tht sell blank media that listthe mfg and the media type ID…?
the verbatim MKM001 burns to 6x
the erbatim MKM 003 burns to 10x

now i know what happened when CD Fraks did that review on the sony DRu-810a. ye sony was right but they shou have stipulated MKM 003 vb media i think they did but that when VB only had 2.4x DL kedia wih their slici butts.
So if on wuld have waited or VB would hae been fater there would have been MKm003 VB media and sony would have been correct about being the first ones to burn at 8x DL speed.

Im looking for verbatim DVD_R DL mkm 003 media
Im calling vb back th ckers sent me mm001when i set back medica that didntburn correclty …
they got me tat time ad I will never buy sony again A…holes

If what you want is Verbatim Double Layer DVD+R media with a “MKM 003” MID, then you should just buy 8x certified Verbatim DVD+R DL media.

There is (currently) no need for the shop to list the MID for these Verbatim DVD+R DL 8x media - you will always get MKM 003.

The “MKM 001” is used for Verbatim 2.4x certified DVD+R DL media.
This media will burn up to 8x in some drives however, and I guess it’s possible that some shops will use that fact in their marketing.

With many other DVD media it’s necessary to see the MID in order to know what you’re really buying, but in this case it should be straight forward!

When in doubt you can also use the Verbatim “product number” (in EU this is called a “reorder” number) to check which media someone is selling. The product number for Verbatim DVD+R DL 8x media in 5pc jewel case is 95311.
Look here at Verbatim’s page for that product.

lost most control of my fingers so pleaqe bear with me, it hurts like hell 2 type.

2 monhs ago ther was no 8x certified media, then 2.4 - 4x showed up, next 2.4x,4x,6x media showed up then thr 2.4,x4,6x,8x certified media showed up thery were all mkm 001
bought the sony dru-310A THAT STATED IT DID 8X ON THAT MEDIA IT NEVER DID IEVEN SENT tHE BAD mEDIA BURNS 2 VERBTIM AD HAD SONY REplace the drive. all the 8x certified was still mkm 001. i recall cause i spent 78 buxs at ew egg fr that meia its long msg and manymore in the sony area after the review that said the sny burnt vb medium at the porrocess sony even chaged ther page on DL meda. istill have a few of the 8cx certified media let. if i wast so ill and currently loss of my eyesmigrain) i’d show u the info it went on for awhile then i crossed flshed to a benQ. i purchsded every diff types of Dlmedia verbatim had and 8x too. they were all mkm 001 and i even received mkm 001 drom vb as replacement s to failed 8x certified media. when i fnd the msgs i will post a link 2 hem tanks 4 trying 2 help but that was not the case 2 months ago.
shouldnt talke me 2 long 2 fing the msgs. main one, lots 2 read

ceck these msga by me on the verbatim mm 001 and Sony abou2 mons ago

RTShaw: the review was correct and it did burn 2.4x Verbatim DVD+R DL (MKM001) at 8x since IT IS supported in the firmware (see here in page 7). In that page, you can also see that my MKM003 sample (not the retail version) burned slower then MKM001 because of slowdown at the second layer. There are many possibilities why your 810A cannot burn Verbatim DVD+R DL at 8x.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for Verbatim 8x DVD+R DL (MKM003) you can find it in most BestBuy stores. Here is the link:

and again i got supposdly 8x media its mkm 001 only buns at 6x on the plextor 760a. im sending them back cause mkm 003 s i stated is needed to burn over 6x. these came from newegg . thats why i asked.

thanks 4 the link even the box is a diff color its orange and its the 1st time ive evenseen that color box. the older ones mkm 001 are in a kinda blue/purple box
of course if i could go to n actual store maybe i would have seen th diff colore. dunno but now i at least know what the clor ofthe box is. will end my ole lady 2 the local buest buy and see what color theres is itherwise i will order from best buy online.

tthank u that solved that my mystery and yep the sony ws 2 use the mkm 001 but on the sony max burn(good burn) was 6x. sony never cold tellme why.

sorry 4 not answering u immediatel. i enjoyed the review, cause im moving mmy stuff to DL (for mycarousels)will give me a lot more.
Both sONY AND vERBATIM CHAGED THEIR ORIGIONL STATEMS (sorry) i wished i’d have saved the pages and most know the companies send their top product/media to reviewers (in not 2 uthen foegive me). but if u follow the path u will see what i said is correct, then lok at how many were unable 2 dulicate what the review did or were able 2 verify Sonys clain per the sony dru-810a, dont kow wha they said about other burners but it explcedly stated the mkm 001as theonly DVD+R DL media. its changed now i watched it till it changed -dont know what it sez now & dont care as many dru-810a usersdid crossflash or just destroy the drive. se e the partwhere sony sent me another drive? well it still didnt burn mkm 001 at 8x then i even added the message they wrote me back.
now ibet if i can crossflash back to the sony dru-810a and use mkm 003 media it will do a god burn - of course im not even gonna try. wate of time now that i know the color of the mkm 003 box… took a lot of time and afew buxs but now im ready.

thanks 2 all