Mexico's Judges Moving Offices Because Music Pirates Too Loud

I just posted the article Mexico’s Judges Moving Offices Because Music Pirates Too Loud.

How about a little light reading. What would you do if you were part of the Supreme Court in Mexico and the loud music emanating below your window came from street vendors selling pirated music and…

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Mexican president should tell Rosen to STFU and to get off their back, and everybody elses too. Wouldn’t that be nice? :slight_smile:

Can they prove that the music is pirated, are they guilty without a trial?

The real question is, would they also move if the loud music was legit? Of course, so TBZ you are right all the way …:slight_smile:

i´m from México and prehaps i don´t like President FOX for his actions but, the sane thing to do here is just say to the RIAA some simples words: STOP SENDING US CRAPY MUSIC!!!

Being from the US, I can’t help but wonder: Why doesn’t the Mexican government tell the RIAA to take a long walk off a short pier? Where does the RIAA get off trying to shove their policies onto other countries? Most of us here in the US hate the RIAA, so I can only imagine what other countries must feel, as they shouldn’t have to put up with the crap of what is primarily an Amercian special-interest group. Where does the the RIAA get off going around trying to police the world? Leave Mexico, and every other country, the hell alone. If they want copyright laws, let them write their own, it’s their right. This goes for the DMCA, too. I hope Fox tells Rosen to take a flying leap. :4

it’s always the stupid stuff. Here in Seattle, all around our Courthouse and those buildings, is a park that is big for drug use and selling. Crack, herion, multa (crappy mexican weed, $ 10 a g.) and god knows what else. Does our wonderful city government do anything about it? NO. See there’s a big difference between saying you should do something and actually doing something. Fact is, the Judge is doing the only thing he can do, and move away from the area. Why doesn’t the RIAA go set up in the Judges old office and then try to do something about the vendors. bet you anything, bad stuff happens to the RIAA people.

I would love to see them try to do something down there.America needs to learn to stop playing big brother to everyone.They bitch we steal music what example does the government set?They steal from every citizen in this country.More power to ya mexico and tell fat ass hillary to go take a bid fat cock in the ass.Im sorry thats just a terrible thought.

electrician123, you seem to have “issues”. For one, not every American “bitches” because YOU “steal” music. The RIAA is not America. Secondly, We play “big brother” because we ARE “big brother”…simple as that! Thirdly, what exactly do you mean that we “steal from every citizen in this country?” What country are you talking about? Read up on the Brits, the Russians, the Germans, the Africans, and probably your own country and read their histories. Every single one of these countries has had a history of “stealing” from other people, be it during wars or in aggressions towards other countries. You make baseless accusations which border on racism. I bet if you were given a free ticket over here, you’d be on the plane so fast. You’re just jealous because we’re the best country in the entire world…:+