Mexican Intellectual Property director: 'Piracy is worse than drug trafficking'

Mexican Intellectual Property director: ‘Piracy is worse than drug trafficking’.

[newsimage][/newsimage]José Rodrigo Roque Diaz, the director of the Mexican Institute of Intellectual Property (IMPI) said this week that combating piracy and copyright infringement is a  "much more important" issue facing Mexico than drug trafficking.

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Anyone who things that Piracy is worse than drug trafficking is not just and idiot, they are a special kind of idiot.

Piracy hasn’t killed anyone this year. This year alone in Mexico, hundreds of people have been killed by drug gangs and cartels.

Drug trafficing and the fight for control of drugs has lead to 28,000 mexicans killed since 2006. This excludes all the drug violence that occurs in the United States.

In my community, this year we have had several dozen shootings, close to a dozen murders that were drug and gang related.

This guy is a complete fool!

The ironic thing is that if he told the truth the drug lords would probably kill him and his entire family for it. Mexico is a complete mess and, IMO, is in complete anarchy. Before long I expect the Mexican government will be asking the US to send in the hit squads to take down the drug lords like they did in Colombia with Escobar. If they don’t we will probably send them in anyway.

There is a movement in Mexico now to deemphasize the drug war. Some are genuinely concerned with the violence tearing apart the country, but it is difficult to look from the outside and determine the motives of a government official saying something like this, which is so blatantly incorrect. Perhaps he is being “influenced” by the cartels, or is part of the opposition within the government. Whatever the motivation, no one can take his statement seriously.

What sort of drugs is this guy on??

Yes Piracy kill!!! BS

Over 35k dead Mexicans in this drug war. I dare this idiot to open the books on one of these cartels and compare the revenue of drugs vs. piracy. Compare the money output of a drug addict vs. someone who buys counterfeit software and you tell me which is more.

I am thinking a new TV show, High School computer teacher goes “bad”, enlists the help of his former student who is currently a software pirate and together they build a multi-million dollar counterfeit operation!