Methods for bitsetting

I understand that the latest version of Nero can bitset, but what other programs and methods can be used to do bitsetting with NEC drives? I should be getting my NEC 2510 in the mail tommorow and I want to be fully prepared for it. Thanks.

Search > Advanced Search > Search by Key Word > type in : bitsetting AND NEC

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Thanks, I’ve already searched(and I just tried your specific search), and I get tons of information about what bitsetting is, and what drives support it, but I am looking for information on what programs I can use to do it.

you can use DVDinfo Pro but you need a special firmware like Herries 1.07 V2 Beta 4 or Beta 5.

Ahh…I see, I was under the impression that bitsetting was enabled with the retail FW’s, but I guess only the capability is built into the HW, but not the FW? Is it the same if you use Nero’s built in bitsetting, do you need special FW?

the bitsetting is enabled with the retail HP firmware (for drives based on the NEC 25X0) and people can use that or use one of herries firmwares that support bitsetting (also based on HP firmwares but with many other improvements).
Nero isnt an must have a firmware capable of bitsetting so you use DVDinfo pro or some other utility for bitsetting configuration and Nero or whatever you like for burning.

I tried Herries 1.07 V2 Beta 5 but the flasher says “NEC ND-2500A not found.” I have a ND-2510A.

Setting the book type in DVDInfoPro v2.50


is it true that changing several times the bitsetting default can consume the DRAM of the burner?
thank you

Yes, obviously the setting needs to be saved somewhere :wink:
There have been no reported results of this having any negative effects.
Don’t worry about it, just set your default booktype to DVD-ROM once and it will stick. :slight_smile:

“the flasher says “NEC ND-2500A not found.” I have a ND-2510A.”

Ok, I used the DOS flasher and now my 2510A is bitset to DVD-ROM. However DVDinfo reports I now have a 2500A, not a 2510a. Is there anything lost going from the 2510a firmware to the 1.07 V2 Beta 5 firmware?

Is anyone looking at modding the 2510A’s firmware? I don’t care about any features except having my book-type set to DVD-ROM.

It should say 2510 not 2500. Sure you used the correct firmware and not beta 4?

I used this:

DVDInfo says: _NEC DVD_RW ND-2500A

That’s correct as Herrie modified the Firmware to identify as 2500. This way users with a 2500 (will be more than 2510 users) are able to flash using the Windows Flasher.

LOL. It should be 2500 and nothing else, which has been mentioned @NEC Forum many times.

i read of some issues about bitsetting and nero.
when does bitsetting work with nero and when does not?

I gust got NEC 2500A today. I test a couple burnt (on ritek G04) one was bad one was coaster. It is not a very good result, is it? Anyway that is not the point to post here, my point is I have original FW 1.60 and confused a bit with Bitsetting with Nero on 2500A

The one Coaster I got is from I check bitsetting to DVD-ROM on DVD-R which I know I shouldn’t do it (just a test purposes HA!). I can see that inner ring with shoud not be written got wrote on it. How come NERO let me select bitsetting even though it is DVD-R and also original FW.

Come back to the ones (now are two) burnt both with Nero 6.0.2 and CloneDvd2. I tested with DVDinfoPro and both result in read error. The nero start the error at around 40% and Clone around 90%. They both Ritek G04 (Ridata branded and Silver Shiny Top).

My question is Am I getting a bad drive or what? I never have this problem with Lite-on 411s, Pioneer A06 and optorite drive.

Guys common!

It was said so many times - 2500 and 2510 are the same HW, the only difference is FW!!! Herrie now has the 2500 string in his FW, but after he will release it (he promissed to do it pretty soon) there will be versions that will show whatever you want 2500, 2510 or even HP 520 or TDK! So stop posting messages and making people worry telling them that something wrong with their drive. It’s just a string in the FW, nothing else! The hardware is the same!!!

As I said above, when Herrie will release final version of his FW, you will be able to choose version with the string in FW like you have on your drive’s sticker and will be happy. :slight_smile:

Yours, Maxim.

EDIT: Oops, while I was writing this other people replied about this issue elso. :slight_smile: