Method to convert DRM protected audio files to MP3



I have purchased some books on CDs over the years and I want to convert them to MP3s to play in an portable audio device. In some cases I had burned these CDs unto my computer and I no longer have the disc.

I am looking for a program that will convert these protected DRM files to MP3.

Any thoughts?

Thank you.



Assuming you can play them, there are several solutions, mostly involving re-recording them. I use TotalRecorder on my system. It can copy Audible books at about 8X normal time.


Thanks. I was thinking about software that would convert the audio files.

Anything that is recommended?




smorton, re-read olyteddy’s reply…Especially this part, “[B]Assuming you can play them[/B]”…
If you [I]can[/I] play them, record them whilst you play them…Then save them to your HDD as mp3, or .wav etc…There’s your conversion…
Try Audacity or the mentioned TotalRecorder…


Thank you.