MetaMachine to pay $30mil to RIAA and cease distribution

I just posted the article MetaMachine to pay $30mil to RIAA and cease distribution.

 Another one bites the dust. New York-based MetaMachine  Inc., producer of some of the most popular file sharing applications, along  with seven other technology firms, were warned last...
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Sweet! Narc on yourself, ya pirate! Nice of them to turncoat on its users like that. Where one tree falls, two more sprout in its place.

Bastids! :r

It’s been said about edonkey a million times, it’s now an open standard, nobody uses edonkey anymore. Most people use one of the numberous eMule mods and servers are all lugdunum. So this latest action by RIAA accomplishes nothing, a fart in the air - it stinks, but it doesn’t do anything. Don’t know about overnet though, haven’t used it since early betas. BTW, does anyone else finds the message, frankly, offensive?

Well they said “if” :+

Man, I haven’t used eDonkey in years. (Or any version of it) Slowest piece of crap I’ve ever used.

pfft like something like that would be a threat. The RIAA can try and strongarm people as much as they want. The more they do the more they alienate their customers and the closer they become to gaining enough evidence for a RICO lawsuit in the states. At least here in Canada it is still perfectly legal to download music. With the levy we pay on blank media and the 75 million bux that has been distributed since the levy has been invoked, legally we are not doing copyright infingement, in Canada. So come on RIAA bring yer guns, you don’t have nothing on us Canucks, yet.

Anyone still used eDonkey ? I thought everyone moved to Torrent and eMule years ago …

Well, any time the RIAA wins a legal victory and gets $$$, it just emboldens it to come after more people, and any victory justifies its irrational stand as “everyone is a potential violator.” Where the RIAA has been slapped down in frivolous suits, those cases have not made it be more “realistic” about who it choses to prosecute.

where did they get $30 million?

No telling, but when the RIAA charges ppl about $150,000 per track d/l’ed, the $$ amount can add up fast.