Metallica to sue Napster

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Now, I know most of you have already seen this, but for those of you who haven’t. Metallica has…

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Well no I know how those guys from Mettalica are… MONEY IS WHAT THEY WANT…
Fuck off.
I personal also play in a band, and I think Napster really rules…
so mettalica, shut the fuck up

com’on guys, ‘rebellion against the system’ means ‘justice for all’ which means respect to someone else’s work, not downloading full albums and calling yourself a fan because you distribute them around.

Well, then they shouldn’t rape the public at around $20 a pop, and Metallica is really not a band that has financial problems. Their fans will still go to the concerts which cost enough money in themselves. They don’t want their music passed around like a “commodity” well then, I guess they should remove them from the stores.

Remember the Beatles and all this revolution crap. They and the mega entertainment industry are the real leaches that reach a point where money is the true God and a large portion of the people just mindlessly lap up their stupid products with our cash in hand.
Metallica has rendered themselves into another big fat pig wanting to steal another piece of pie from a hungry child.

Metallica are not the same as thy were in the past. They sold their souls into the the capitalism of sound. They only want fans who gives money… It’s all a question of money.
Fuck them.

OK, I may be devil’s advocate with this, but… if you were Metallica, what would you do? Would you just say ‘oh, it’s ok, we’ll go on tour instead of getting money from cd sales’?
Note that I don’t justify dear prices and money greed, but I realize that the other side has some right in this.

What are you talkin about?! Oh no they only sold 1 million and 20 records instead of 1 million and 60!? Oh boo fucken hoo … I used to respect Metallica but this gives me even more reason to NOT like em … what a bunch of ass heads! What are they gonna do with the money any way? 10 vipers not enough? Only 3 mansions? Metallica can fuck off AND suck my dick … and don’t even get me started on that orchestra shit … fags? yes!

I agree. I used to be a big fan. All the way from the beginning, but I stopped after the BLACK ALBUM. It was a true commercial product, not a MetallicA product.So if money is more important to them instead of making good metal, they can stick their cd’s… Metal up their ass.

I think that this is stricly a businness problem. It doesn’t matter how much money Metallica has or makes, it’s THEIR music and nobody should steal it and they are right to be pissed off… of course I download MP3s from the net the whole time since I’m a pro DJ and I don’t wanna spend money on garbage music like Vengaboyzzzzz that comes and goes in a snap, but also rock music lasts longer and it’s worth purchasing it…if it’s good, of course…!!!

Metallica is a great band and people have to learn that if they resect a band that you shouldn’t steal their music
I bought the CD’s and I haven’t felt sorry for a moment. Justice for ALL even for the bands.
How would you like if I gave away your stuff?

Metallica rules, and this whole Napster thing is stupid. First, you saying that it’s right for Metallica’s albums to be pirated for free on the internet because they shared tapes back in the 80s need to fucking get a clue. In the underground, Metallica would pass out shitty demo tapes and bootlegged live performances - nto entire albums. A band will gain popularity from a demo going around the internet, but when no one buys the album bacause they can just steal it off the internet, the band will have put forth all that hard work for nothing and lose a ton of money. Of course, this all applies to an up and coming band, and once you get as big as Metallica, it shouldn’t make that much of a difference (They make ton off of endorsements/concerts/clothing/etc.).

Did you just buy a computer and plug it in?

Dude that was 8 years ago. :rolleyes: