Metallica & Dr.Dre were offered a share in Napster

I just posted the article Metallica & Dr.Dre were offered a share in Napster….

Metallica & Dr. Dre were offered a share in the Napster company. This happened during the negotiations in august and september last year. Advocate Howard King, who represents both Dr. Dre and…

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“They immediately declined the offer and made clear they were not in for the money.” Of course they’re not interested, because to them the royalties from Napters would be pennies compared to their actual CD albums that are becoming crap and they know it. Oh, yes no more Bentleys for them this year :4 I say they have to much Bloody Money like Bill Gates. They need to learn how to share. :wink:

“They immediately declined the offer and made clear they were not in for the money”:r BS! i don’t get it! they can’t possible spent all the money they have earned, still they want more :frowning:

I’m confused, if they’re not in it for the money then they must surely just be in it for their love of music. I cant see what else they could be in it for. And if this is the case they why aren’t they paying napster? Napster is after all helping people to listen to their music more easily and enabling them to get hold of it easier. If they love music so much they they really should be offering all their songs for free on their own site as well as giving napster a pat on the back.

Dont you just hate dumb assed lying bitches. If they’re greedy fuckers they least they could do is just say it like a man instead of making up excuses like some bitch
Fuck them both!

That’s the reason why I hate RAP and ROCK :r Let there be House… :wink: