Metal Gear Solid 2

Has anyone sucessfully back up this game yet? It is DVD format and is protected by DVD Check according to Gamecopyworld. I have a Pioneer A05 but I have no idea whether blindwrite or any other programs can back it up.

why would you want to? as far as i know, it would take up 5+ discs to back it up :smiley:

He has a DVD burner (A05) so he can copy it to one DVD.

lol … my bad :bow:

Isnt the game on a DVD9 so it coldnt be backed up anyway due the fact that dvd-writers can only burn one layer, not dual layer.

AFAIK If it is DVD9 it could be split accross 2 DVDs.

wouldnt that screw up installation and also the DVD check tho?

So nobody yet to know how to do it yet?

It can be done!

The best way to do it, IMHO, is to make an ISO image of the DVD using DVD-Decrypter. Now rar/zip this into a spanned archive (just ‘store’, don’t use compression unless you have a few hours to kill!). Now store this split/spanned archive onto 2 DVD-Rs or multiple CDs. (You have to span the archive since it’s 7.5GB in size, and thus won’t fit on one DVD-R.)

To install the game, un-rar/-zip the file from the DVD-Rs to your harddisk and then use Daemon Tools to mount it as a virtual drive. Install from this virtual drive using the normal game install routine and selecting ‘full installation’. Once done, unmount the image from Daemon Tools and delete it to free up space. Now apply the ‘No-DVD’ patch, and you can play direct from harddisk.

(Installation of the game requires 15GB of initial harddisk space, but once you remove the image the game only takes 7.5GB).

NB. Not posting the ‘No-DVD’ patch here since aren’t sure whether it’s against the T&Cs. However, you could try a look around

P.S. Forgot to say that your harddisk MUST be formatted as NTFS format (e.g. Windows 2000 or XP), otherwise you won’t be able to store a single file over 4GB.