Metal azo vs. super azo

what is the differece between verbatim’s metal azo and super azo cd-rs, in terms of overall quality? i’ve read at least one review that implied that the super azo discs seemed to be more cheaply made. in addition, some people claim that all datalifeplus cds are great, whlie others don’t seem to like those manufactured in certain countries. i’m eyeing a datalifeplus (80min, 48x, super azo) 50-pack spindle at ($10 after rebate with free shipping) - is this a good choice even though i won’t be able to determine the country of origin until after i receive them?

i have an older plextor (8x4x32), so for the time being it doesn’t matter how well the discs perform at higher speeds.

thanks for any info/tips, and apologies if this is redundant

From what I’ve personally seen with Verbatims, and also read on the forums, the quality is mixed. Some of the high-speed drives do not like them, and they rarely burn well beyond their rated speed.
For your current drive they should work well enough.