Messenger Program that you can use from work

its hidden as a Photoshop program…:slight_smile: Basic Function Messenger

MSN messenger + (freeware) messenger plus which allows you to hide everything with alt + spacebar :wink:

do you need to have adobe installed for it to work?

you can use icq via web

My co-workers would like to thank you :bow:

i can’t use this thing at my job Hardware firewall blocks it to the outside world :bigsmile:

Cool idea, this one. If you use Photoshop at work… is your friend if your work’ blocked MSN at the firewall. They look like IE windows when minimised, too… because they are. :slight_smile:

Rehab…you could just get on skype and talk to people ya know hint hint

What about if they ban frivolous internet usage? Or internet not related to work? :wink: