Messenger Plus!?

I know most of you don’t like Microsoft. And certainly not their messenger program. But what about the fine extension, Messenger Plus! ? Most of my friends use it and I was wondering if most people here have installed it too.


For those not familiar with this nice piece of software:

I used it earlier but it created some problems when the newer versions of MSN Messenger came up.

Since MSN messenger lacks even basic capabilities like logging etc, I coded my own version of ‘Messenger Plus’ - which runs as a daemon and creates monthly archived logs fo all my conversations. Did someone say its illegal :bigsmile:

Other things in Msgrplus like ‘transparency’ (alpha bnending in Win2K) etc are kiddish things.

I use messenger for only those who aren’t using any other clients (ICQ etc). I don’t use the MS client, but I use dmsn :wink:

So no MSN Plus for me…!

Message clients are for MESSAGES , not for highly annoying sounds , animations or stupid scripts.

Same goes for ICQ , it’s meant as a messaging service in the same way as a pager. Once they got their zillion users , they started advertising , spamming and provide lots of useless services built in the program.

I like Trillian , but i’m thinking of switching to Gaim.

actually i never heard of it… where should i grab it?

anyway, i really hate msn messenger, but i’m forced to use it as many friends of mine won’t use icq…

Yes there was icq in the beginning and of course like Mr. B
said that are a zillion users which in companies eyes equals spam

Havent used a IM in a while but was using Icq

I use DeadAIM. Dont use MSN. It’s not as popular among my friends.

Miranda is the one for me

I also use Miranda IM as my IM client on Windows. On Linux I use Kopete. As for the protocols. I mostly use Jabber and ICQ.

I like trillian the best because its not bloated with these rediculous features like speaking over the net, if i want to talk to someone, i’ll do it on the phone. I realise you can save long distance money, but id rather pay more and have a better, less complicated conversation.

Anyway, msn messenger was completly removed from my compute along with aim and yahoo mesenger, dont like ICQ because spamming etc.

Trillian is good, it logs and eveything, it makes me happy:bigsmile:

gaim crashes too much on windows for me - im going back to trillian. if thats what you meant, cico :smiley:

Originally posted by ckin2001 if thats what you meant, cico :smiley:
actually i was talking about messenger plus, but thanx anyway - will definitely give this a try!

since i posted wrong link earlier.

I am also using Trillian for a long time now and i am very happy with it. Messenger was a big annoyanve to me, especially due to the fact that i couldnt just uninstall it (no such option given). Good thing i found that .bat patch file :wink:

AIM + DeadAIM for me 'cause it’s simple. Ran Trillian for a while, but all the options became too annoying. Not bad if you know a bunch of peopel using different IMs.

Hmmm… I wonder who uses iChat, which comes w/ the new Mac OS X.xx

iChat is nice, if you can get by only having one mouse button for everything else.


every day i thank the lord that im not in graphic design, and that my computer doesnt have a big apple on the side as a direct result of that.

I’m gonna see if I can get some of my colleagues w/ OS X to get iChat up and running this week.


The new PowerMac G4s come w/ apple pro optical mouse. Very nice, but I use my MS IntelliMouse Optical instead. Both buttons and the scroll wheel are functional w/o additional driver.

used to use it to make msn messanger bearable
but now i just use trillian for everything
much easier than having aim,msn,icq,aim clone, aim clone, all installed and eaching up 10-15k ram each… trillian uses about 10-20k for all of them: big savings