Messed up my dvd-rw drive

I have an Lg - gwa 4040n on my laptop, i was trying to upgrade the firmware, wich i did, but instead it went from a writing speed o 4x to 2.4x. When i tryed to
restore the original firmware it wont let me. Any suggestions are most welcome.

If it works, why fix it? :confused:

Go into device manager & check if DMA is still set on. Sometimes as the device has been changed (different firmware) some settings get messed.

I´m working with xp, the dma option is already “ON, When available”. isn´t there any program to reset the firmware allowing me to re-install the original firmware?

You might be able to find something here though i’m don’t know if there is a tool that will let you do what you want to do. I believe there is for lite-on and nec burners, but i’m not sure about LG.

There is a tool around called media speed edit by which you can change the write speeds for media & then reload the new firmware.
What happens sometimes is that when LG or NEC etc release a new firmware they might reduce the burn speed allowed for some media as problems have been found with that media.
Worth a try.