Messed up dvd burn

Hy you guys,i got my new dvd burner about 3 months ago and when i burn movies now most of the time they never even start burning, i am using winavi video converter. The movies either
never start burning or get to a certain percentage and then totaly stop, the estimated time remaing steadily goes down when its burning,… But I know it stops burning because my etr goes up instead of down and the progress just stays at that percent… Please help me. I have wasted so many blank dvds doing this. Can you guys help me cause i am just throwing money in the trash when it does that.

Not enough information to go on here. What type of disks are you using? Give us the mid codes on them, and the make and model of your burner.

You can find the mid code by using Nero DiscSpeed (free), and click on the Disc Info tab.

Are you using the converter program to burn the disks? Is there a log file for the failed burns?

If you are converting avi to dvd format, then I suggest using a better tool. ConvertXtoDVD is popular around here, and there are at least a couple of good free ones as well, DVDFlick and FAVC.

I also suggest learning to use ImgBurn to burn your dvds. There are complete guides at the forums. It is another highly recommended free tool.

im using dvd-r discs my dvd burner is a lite on 20x dvd writer
interface is atapi/e-ide
and i am using winavi vidoe converter to convert and burn my movies

Do what Kerry said and get the MID of the discs using DiscSpeed/CD-DVD Speed (Disc Info tab).

It does sounds like a media problem at first glance.