Messed up colors and pixelation in burned video

I was just wondering why this happened. I burned a few movies to a DVD and some of them (but one) came out to be in weird colors and what seemed like large squares appearing and disappearing. On the computer they were fine but with the DVD player it was messed up. How come?

Most of times this is due to a bad burned disc, and this happen more often with low quality media. What discs are you using?

I think it was a Fujifilm DVD-R…

Can this also happen from burning too fast?

It could be. I suggest however to buy some better quality media. Probably these fujifilm are ritek, not exactly the very best available :frowning:

  1. What was the video data type?
    For example, DivX? AVI? MPEG? Was it highly compressed?
    What was the size of the film…megabytes or gigabytes?

  2. What software are you using to get this onto a DVD?

Well, it was an .avi file, 1.47Gb. I have no idea how compressed it was. And I used Nero.

To see how an AVI movie was encoded, you can use GSpot