Message> Writing to Lite-On LTR Failed!

Message after writing attempt from stored image:

Writing to Lite-On LTR Failed

Have disabled IMAPI (run WinXP) in Control Panel / Admin… Tools/Services - still no luck.
Main Buffer and Sub Buffer maxed at 100%.

Trying to write Data copied from original CD.

System: Year old Compaq, AMD 1800, Windows XP, 100 GB, 1 GB RAM

> Ideas ? >Suggestion ? >Try This ? > Links ?

Many thanks is advance, Bob

Originally posted by rgh7216

Trying to write Data copied from original CD.

Hi Bob. What does that (above quote) entail exactly? We need a little more info…is this just POD (plain old data) from a disk or disc? Is it a game title? CloneCD settings used? Version of CloneCD? Media?

Thank you FutureProof for your reply.

I*m trying to make a personal back up copy off my original OmniPage Pro v.12 CD. (OCR Program)

CD Machine Info: LITEON LTR-16102B
CloneCD version
CD-R media used: Imation 16x 80min CD-R.
Clone setting for writing from HD Image: DATA

After a short period of writing, a small box in the middle of the screen appears. Says: ** Writing to Lite-On LTR Failed ! **

CD-R now becomes new coaster. Have tried several times, same results. Have had good results in past when copying minor programs for back up, but this more detailed program seems to fail each time. Have gone down to 1x write speed, same failure note. Buffer / Sub Buffer maxed out at 100% (important?)

Thanks again, Bob

You can actually drag the CD contents to disk and use nero, too. However, CloneCD should eat this alive. If you’re copying on the fly - don’t but this doesn’t solve the underlying problem.

Have you stepped thru the FAQ and Down & Dirty posts? I mention these because there’s a fair bit of stuff to check. I suspect that DMA is not enabled for either cabling or setting reasons…

does the error message state anything else apart from “writing to lite on failed”