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u say u are from norway and if i am not wrong then:

happy may 17 :slight_smile:

Oh my!
I nerly forgot! It’s the 17 may!
Syttonde maj!
All norwegians are happy today! :slight_smile:

Too bad we Swedes are so bad (in comparison) to celebrate our Nationaldag…

Ah… the well known “4 days after Mr. Belvedere’s birthday” :stuck_out_tongue:

you are late…my birthday is not the 17 mai…

but he…have fun…most be a problem with time zones

i hope oc-freak read this
he didnt post

what kind of day is the 17th of may

I dunno , some Vikings discovered a country up north… nor … norway … and that’s when all the problems started ?

they shouldn’t have discovered amerika…lol

17 of may is Norways national day, and it is because in 1814, Sweden gave Norway to Denmark. The Norwegians didn’t like this at all, so the 17 may 1814, they sat down and wrote their own constitution (the most modern in all of Europe at that time) an declared themselvs independent.

Better now? :slight_smile:

Maybe I should add that Sweden didn’t approve of Norways newborn independence, and 19 may the same year, the Swedish Navy opened fire, and a few days later, Norway was once again a part of Sweden. But this time they were allowed to have their own flag, which was put in the upper left corner of the Swedish flag.

Norway didn’t gain full independence until 1905.

/Airhead - Your historyteacher! :wink:

Originally posted by damiandimitri
they shouldn’t have discovered amerika…lol

Amerika was discovered by Leif Eriksson, born and bred in Iceland.

thanx…but he was a viking wasn’t he…

Hmz, I missed this one. I do very rarely check this forum :rolleyes:

But thanks anyway :wink:

You bet I was out and celebrated the whole day?


I sat in front of my computer the whole day reviewing a CD-RW drive called Lite-On LXR-24101A…

Are there no limits to your work OC-Freak? :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t it be nice to put down work for a while , put on a horned helmet and run around as a Viking once a year.

Yeah… that’d be cool…

only a horned helmet??? thanx…keep working OC-freak

Nice of you all to remember the 17th of May! :cool:

Just in case some of you are interested, here is a lot of reading on the events leading to Norway becoming a independent nation.
From the Norwegian authorities.

Airhead, you Swedes celebrate the 6th of June, don`t you?

Yes we do, although not as intense as the Norwegians. We mostly raise our flag and the King says something about the weather and current world situation… :slight_smile:

Later in the day there is lot’s of alcohol circulating… Then suddenly it’s the 7 June, and nobody remembers yesterday… :wink:

Hehe! :slight_smile:

I remember the date because I am born the 7th of June, so I too tend to have a hangover, but on the 8th of June! :cool:

I was in Gøteborg (ehh, sorry you English-speaking, Gothenburg) the 6th of June 1999, to watch your parades and celebrations of your day! :stuck_out_tongue:
Nah, joking! :smiley:
In case you want to know, I got holiday work at Volvo Trucks, engine test department, that summer, starting the 7th.