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 As much as  I love the model of DRM free, pay by the megabyte, download model of have to give the side of the copyright holder.John        Kennedy, Chairman and CEO of IFPI...
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so allofmp3 doesnt pay the royalties. no big surprises here but the sad thing is that the sheeps give their money to this illegal enterprise,thinking that their money indeed are sent to the artists. :d

I’m no criminal, but there’s no way I’ll waste hard-earned money on DRM-crippled or overpriced music. The industry should stop ripping off consumers, until then its Allof for most of my downloads!

allofMP3 claims to pay royalties, but that the organization they send them to doesn’t distribute them. After my last report on how the IFPI engages in routine deceit without apologizing, it is hard to believe the IFPI’s estimation is credible. If some independent organization inside Russia confirmed this and provided sites to check, then I would believe it. As this stands, there’s no independent confirmation, and the IFPI’s ‘judgment’ cannot be trusted. That said, it doesn’t help AllofMP3 to duck questions, as this hints at impropriety. To be fair, I’ll also say if AllofMP3 truly doesn’t pay royalties, then it should start.
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If you have been following this issue closely, you would know that royalties are a secondary issue. could pay $10 per download and the RIAA and IFPI wouldent be happy. It’s the DRM they want. The money is secondary.

Well, the issue the IFPI is using as ‘proof’ allofmp3 must be ‘illegal’ is that it is not paying royalties. Allofmp3 claims it is–to ROMS–but that ROMS hasn’t distributed them, or that ROMS offered to distribute the royalties, but they were refused. There’s no doubt the RIAA/IFPI would love to have AllofMp3 under its thumb, but it is the royalties issue that is front-and-center. Who to believe? That’s another matter. groan