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I know many go to the Fab Forum as I do daily with hopes of it working. We use to work around the missing Topic screen by clicking on Today’ Active Posts, but that also quit working about 12/2/2005. I have tried to to change it to display last 2 weeks but first time I do that I get a UBB, forum software message that administrator has enabled some type of search protection and try again and after a couple of attempts I can view the title of a post but if try to click on it the board crashes. Wondering if others have received that message. There are always several guests there too. Still no email response from Fengtao to any of my emails.


Mack, what you described has been exactly my experience as well. To be honest, at this point, I not only don’t have any expectations of any substantial or consistent support, I no longer even have any hope…I grow weary from this whole thing, starting back to this past summer. On the other hand, Fab is still useful to me and I know the application well enough to navigate around issues, so I hope that updates continue. As far as support however, I think folks like you, Larry, myself and a few others “are” the support. We certainly have been more visible, consistent and overall, I believe we have also been more helpful.

Anyway, that’s my two cents,


Sorry, but feel the “give Fengtao some slack” line has to be cut. A huge disservice by Fengtao, regardless of any issues they may be trying to deal with, in not informing their longtime customers, and new customers, with some type of re-assurance of efforts to restore order. This and the recent absence of presence on this alternate forum. My gut feeling is, on the way out. As I have said before, unfortunate as for most of the time a good product, and fairly timely support. But like Tom says, its down to the users now, and of course with ever changing nature of the software’s function, that will only be good for so long as it encounters discs that it cannot process.

I do appreciate reading posts like you guys are posting, it does help me to think seriously about shelling out the bucks on a product. Right now I am using the CSS + Region Free 30 day trial in conjunction with Nero 7, and I am considering buying the software. I am actually very impressed with what I have seen out of it. I’ve already backed up most of my DVD’s flawlessly. I am always leary about purchasing software online, but I just wanted some verification that everything with this software and it’s purchasing is legitimate. I see that support seems to be a part of the issues encountered. I was wondering about software updates. I’ve noticed that since I downloaded the trial, there is already another version available.

Any feedback on this would be helpful, and a big thanks in advance!

Fab has been good for quite awhile. However recently appear to be issues, and future seems to murky. Note that with decryption software, is not static, as new schemes to defeat copying come out rather frequently. This means without ongoing upgrades, becomes obsolete for new discs. Fengtao does offer free lifetime upgrades, and if stay in business, believe would honor, and stay on top of new encryption schemes.

Thanks Larry, I appreciate the feedback!

Fengtao did respond to one of my posts. “Maybe if James Would Post Again”