Message for Lapinou and Blindwrite users!

Lapinou if you have implemented the same or similar code of Twinpeak in Blindwrite be careful coz not all the drives can handle twin sectors properly!! Or did you find a safe way to make them working on each drive?
Thanks for any answer!

Another thing for you Lapinou!
With my Liteon 48125W I’m not able to extract the linear density of sectors at any of the given speed in BWA (1x-16x and max). I still have to use Alcohol DPM (it works only at 36x, 32x and 24x with the Litey) and then convert the MDS file into BWA file.
Maybe you should put at least the 24x speed option in the BWAtool in order to have a succesful extraction with Liteons.

ok message received for the liteon… but please if you can send also a email to it make our processing easier