Message Date

How can I determine when a message(s) was sent? TIA

In the blue/grey (ok, I am colorblind) bar that is just above the nick, you’ll see how long ago a message (PM/post) was posted (in hours, days or weeks). This is the current setting. The exact time and date are not displayed.

Thanks, but doesn’t this just show the last message? I’m wanting to know any and various messages. TIA

Its blue Tax :slight_smile:


Oh, I see it now, thanks!!!

Thanks…thought so, but wasn’t sure…hopefully I’ll remember it for the future :wink:

I miss having the exact date and time of a post like we used to. For instance, it will say yesterday, or a 1 week ago, etc. That’s pretty vague. I would like to know what time something was posted. Personal preference I guess.

It would be practical for many reasons. Just one: you are writing a post, finish it and in the meantime someone was quicker with a post, containing same ideas. It may become awkward.