Mess up dvd to avi?

I have a couple of mess up dvd that I tried to make but they freeze up on my divx player. Are the file damage or the player just ca not handle the dvd. If the file is not damge can I change the dvd to a avi file?

When you say messed up what do you mean? Pixellation, stuttering pausing?

yes, and freezing up

Sounds like it might be a case of cheap media…what brand discs are you using? Firmware up to date for your burner? Is this a DVD rip or download?

I wouldn’t recommend going from a high quality DVD compliant file to lossy avi…what program are you using for compression?

disc used - maxell It a download avi file made into a dvd. I did not have my divx player at the time and could not burn the avi on the dvd. I used dvdsanta to burn it. Dvdsanta has quit working. I now use avs video converter or super to convert files. Imgburn to burn the files on dvd. How do you update your firmware?

Open Imgburn and go to Tools -> Drive -> Check for firmware updates…it will connect to the internet, and search for firmware updates for you burner. Take all discs out of the burner and follow the intructions in the readme.txt

This is one case where it is strongly advised to not multitask, a bad flash can fry a drive. Can you tell a difference in the result when using AVS vs. SUPER?

I really have not paid much attention to it. I guess I will now. Imgburn has a pop up asking if I want to update to a newer version. I guess I need to update to the newer version.

I guess I need to update to the newer version.