Merry Christmas!

Well, how do you feel for Christmas ? The stores are already decorated, it started snowing, all people wonder around with joy giving love to each other, the children are waiting for Santa Claus to bring the presents they were waiting for so long, the young couples are taking romantic walks in the park warming themselves with love, etc… :slight_smile:

Of course, this image is only in our dreams. :frowning: To describe the real situation would take me hours and it would be “pointless”… So the question is:
How do YOU feel when Christmas comes?

BTW, I didn’t post a poll about this, cause it would loose it’s meaning. :wink:

This sums it up:

The spirit of commercialism has dulled the event once known as Christmas into “Shop-till-you-drop sales event”

Christmas is no longer about family or celebrating Christ. Christmas is now about material goods. Not that I mind, because I enjoy getting presents, but the original purpose of the holiday is lost.

It used to be so much better when I was a kid and santa claus wasn’t just an excuse for large department stores to up their prices and rape the public.

This year the average family will spend around $3000-5000 on gifts which no-one really wants or needs, but since it’s christmas, hell you gotta.

I’d rather buy stuff for people when I feel like giving it to them, or when they need it.

Christmas is now just a rip-off.

I have to wonder how the church feels about christmas since they tried to impose :bow: christ’s :bow: birth (actually october) over an existing pagan festival to celebrate the sun-god. It didn’t work that well, and it shows.

Xmas is indeed something really commercial. People keep shopping till they don’t have a single buck left. Yep that’s sure gonna give us worldpeace…!

However, I ain’t complaining. Every year I’m getting more than I gave away (my parents don’t want me to give expensive gifts cause I’m still a student, but I do get a nice present in return;)) :slight_smile:

Today I installed about 50% of our xmas lights… I gonna get me a digicam soon so I’ll post some Xmas lights pics :slight_smile:

It really makes me mad how businesses put up christmas stuff right after thanksgiving. They rush you into the christmas spirit way to early. Usually for me, christmas isn’t all that great because my birthday is on the 8th of dec, so everyone figures that i got good gifts for my birthday, so i don’t get great stuff at christmas. And on my birthday, people don’t get me great stuff because they think i’ll get good stuff at christmas.:frowning:

And on a side note, is it just me or are the smileys not animated in here?

Smileys are animated. Maybe you dont have flash or your firewall is blocking it.

i most certainly do have flash(how do you think i watch all those silly animations;)). Just turned off the animated ad blocking in zone alarm. I shall now test the smiley.:bow:

Hmm, didn’t seem to help. Disable smilies in this post is not checked. The smileys are there, but not animated, oh well, no big deal

My problem was wiht my firewall. Maybe you should post your problem in the forum discussing the forum.

Damn you have a long location… :wink:

Im in a generous spirit. By that i mean i am willing to give out free text to whoever wants it.

I hope i can see on cnn that there is a great firework above bagdad. That the bombs have better camera’s this time. I want to see in full colour stereo what has been hit. After this I like some bushfire or something.
Don’t forget tto order some neat suicide attack and some nice retalliation.
I can’t wait for this Christmas. (And there are more to come)

Then we can sing something like peace on earth.

(and no I will not use emoticons but I guess everybody knows which one should be used here)

Christmas, good idea, but like all things in Western civilisation totally commecialized. And you know what I think about things like that :bigsmile:

Originally posted by dansmug
Christmas, good idea, but like all things in Western civilisation totally commecialized. And you know what I think about things like that :bigsmile:

Unfortunately. :frowning:

What about the great people that celebrate Kwanzaa or Hannukah? What about them? Maybe I’m Jewish!!!

No. Not really. I’m a Catholic, but not a very great one.

I can be mean - but in this case, I am joking.

LOL Belvedere! :slight_smile: