Merry Christmas to all our visitors

I just posted the article Merry Christmas to all our visitors….

From CD Freaks HQ, covered with snow, we wish all of you a merry Christmas. We hope you’re all in good health, and will keep visiting us.

All CD Freaks Members

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I also wish everybody a very nice X-mas!!!


Lets have a babyboom shall we ?..

mery X-mas to EVERYBODY

btw: i got a ps2,
any1 know how to copy those games

i aint gonna buy them…

Merry XMAS to all of you!!!

Today it ain’t a bad day for life without a forum cause I’ve got an xmas girl

Yes, Merry Christmas everybody!!

And finaly in the Netherlands we have a christmas with SNOW!! (a white christmas)


Merry christmas to cdfreaks and all his visitors!!!

Ja, hetzelfde van mij… blablabla

Tanks CDfreaks for the information and keep up the great work

oops “thanks”

Happy Xmas everbody!!


Merry Christmas to y’all… Keep up the brilliant work CDFREAKS!

Yeah, Merry Xmas CDFREAKS and everyone who visits

Santa (from denmark) says merry xmas to all at cdfreaks and all the users

Merry x-mas to all of U,
and from the new year we all wish a pal ps2 modchip.

merry christmas to all and to all a good burn!

merry x-mas to all of U,

covered with snow, where is HQ then. Merry christmas, much nice warez for the festive season!

Merry Xmas to you aswell!

Keep up the gergous job pals!