Merrill Lynch: Sony PS3 may be delayed & possibly $900US

So it will be marketed as a cheap Blu ray drive. Oh, and we forgot to tell you, it won’t play Blu ray movies in HD because your HDTV doesn’t support HDCP. Go buy a new one, a new SONY one.

cannot agree more :wink:

How could they do that, I ask you… you are talking Sony eating over $600 per unit, after marketing and distribution. Do you honestly expect them to sell (at about $5 profit per game) 120 games PER UNIT just to break even? Please, get real.

i am wondering if ps3 will be able to play bd movies without the add-ons as sony’s own bd player is suggested to be 1.7kusd. if they can sell those as linux pc/console, then more will justify the cost, but i don’t think sony will let us do that. maybe, cheaper nintendo revolution will be the one we want ?

$900? What’s the difference? Way back in 2001, Sony is offering package for the PS2 (sports, entertainment, family packages) with 4 games, 2 controllers and 1 memory card for about $700. With PS3 it’s a bit different, you will have a Blu-ray, SACD, Mp3, surround player (DTS and Dolby according from wiki) and the gaming console itself with backward compatibility you have 3 consoles in 1.

For all those men complaining about their women… GROW SOME! J/K… but seriously we are just big boys with big toys and those of who can afford it will always be the first on the block to have the newer badest toys first:p Things never change.:B

Well I think that 900$ is more the price I thought that it will cost then the ridiculous price of 300-500$ because it not only has a BD-Drive (that alone costs at the beginning something about 1000$) it also has a CELL-Processor (also not that cheap) and other things like this… The probably will get a mass discount, but still it would be to much for selling the unit at 300-500$… I mean, if they do, they will have too much loss to get it back through games that quickly (at the beginning of the console you probably buy 1 or 2 games - because the console itself costed already some money and at the beginning there are most times not more games you are interested in)…