Merrill Lynch: Sony PS3 may be delayed & possibly $900US

I just posted the article Merrill Lynch: Sony PS3 may be delayed & possibly $900US.

shimman used our news submit to tell us "I thought paying $500 US for the latest graphic card was a crazy idea, but I guess Sony might be thinking $900US console is not a crazy…

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WOW, I have to wonder what the price of the software is going to be when its released? MS increased the XBoX 3 software by $5+ on some titles and its cost was no where near what the PS3 is… They really are headed for self destruction…

at that price maybe they should just stick a hard drive in, mouse, keyboard and tft and call it a pc.

For that price it better have a full 3 year warranty and none of this 90 day BS. Both my 360 and PS2 needed to be serviced soon after buying them at release time. In 3 years it would still be over 300 US ?? I guess they expect PS2 to live that long to support the average consumer maket that won’t spend even 300 for console let alone 900.
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you can officially count me out. i play all my games on pc anyway…and so much more

Get a wife or a girlfriend and we’ll see if you’re even gonna give a $1,000 dollar toy a second look. :d

At this price the PS3 will ever be able to penetrate the mass market and software companies will tend to shy away as they won’t invest large sums of money for a small return. Sony need to realise that consoles are bought by people who have finite resources. At present the 360 is the only affordable option and it will be dominant by the time Sony release the PS3:g

Looks like sony are making the same mistakes that sega did with the sega saturn. Over priced and too complicated for game makers to get to grip with. This may cost them the title and give microsoft the chance to go to number 1.
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Something we have to remember is that Sony is going to take it in the shorts for up to several years. It has been widely posted that they intend this to be a loss leader. At least we know that if we can snag a PS3 for 500 we kicked some major ass. What i think will be a problem is how in the hell can they sell a PS3 for less than a damn Blu-ray drive? I think Sony has painted themselves in a corner!! :d

you reall wonder those analysts logic. standalone BDplayers will be 1000+$ ps3 has BD drive so logicly ps3 will be 900-1000$ what a crazy logic. ps3 will launch like any other console at 300-499 euro . Sony know what they are doing… over 200 million playstation sales, you dont get these by accident

/rant on If they release this before the Holiday season, the price may be $900. If they wait until Q406, I’d wager consumers will pay $600 for a console bundled with 1 controller. If average BD players are selling for $750-1k, you’d have to be a complete and utter moron not to pick up the new Sony Playstation that will not only play your BD movies with all the HD bells and whistles, but double as the premier way to game. Then, if the game producers manage to create games that play like this thing should be capable of, anyone who owns one is going to buy a few games - even if it’s just to try it out. And this thing’s supposed to have bleeding edge audio and video thanks to the Cell, right? I think Sony will market the PS3 primarily as an incredibly stylish, cost-effective BD player at first, but also tempt us with gaming that only the most expensive PCs can match in order to make it the most attractive entertainment machine on the market. The best thing Sony could do at this point is add an IR port so we can use our multifunction remotes to control BD-Video features. I don’t know about you guys, but I’d MUCH rather pay $600 for something that I can hook up to my exisiting home theatre easily…than $4-5k for a comparable computer (with an assuredly buggy OS) that I could hook up to the same rig. People are buying laptops now anyways… /rant off

“ps3 will launch like any other console at 300-499 euro . Sony know what they are doing… over 200 million playstation sales, you dont get these by accident” --------------------------------------------------- The only reason Sony sold over 200 million consoles is because after 12 months the dvd-rom drive failed on the PS2! Most people had alot of money in controllers and games so the just bought another PS2 rather than swithing consoles! Everyone I know who had a Ps2 bought 2 or 3 PS2’s and now swithed to the Xbox or the 360 because BS sony drive failure and of my recomedations. So look at it this way, sony sold 80 million consoles to consumers. Over 120 million were bought as replacement consoles because of Dvd-rom failures. Its the truth, Unfortanatly the xbox drives has the same failure rate but the replacement drives are available on a dozen web sites…unlike the PS2 you half to buy a new console to replace the Dvd-rom.

only $900 buks ?wow im back ordering 25 now then im loaded and it dont matter that peope are dying of hunger in the world im alright jack f**k u THE WORLDS GONE MONEY MAD:(

The loss-leader nonsense is exactly that, at this scale. Salling the hardware at a loss makes sense, it you are only losing $50-100 per unit, because there is a certain number of games you expect to sell per unit to make up for the loss. At $900 production cost, along with another $70 in other expenses (marketing, distribution, etc), the most they can afford to lose is about $100, making the unit over $800 per. This won’t make companies selling BD players happy, because it undercuts them (Screw them, though), so Sony may be forced to sell it for even more. But even forgetting that, people who rant “it won’t be more than $400” or “it won’t be more than 500 Euros” are hopelessly deluded fanboys - to make up for that sort of loss, they would need to sell almost 100 games PER UNIT. I don’t really seeing them beat the best average per-unit sales, which was about 6 titles per unit. I think Sony has outmaneuvered itself into a hole. The PS3 mated with BD may be the biggest boondoggle in history (bigger than Atari E.T.). If this report is true, I predict that Sony will fold over this fiasco.

This story is ludicrous.

“This story is ludicrous” ------------------------------------------------- Your comment is ludicrous.

How soon people forget history. Plenty have been on top, and have fallen. Sony isn’t immune to it. Remember Atari, Sega, Nintendo…all ruled at one time.

IMO sony pretty much knows what they are getting into but the fact is i doubt that they know for how long they can hold their breath if they sell the consoles at a loss. I really hope the sony batteship sinks, Dont like the M$ either but hey you gotta choose one of the evils. :g

$900. Dont they realize the vast majority of PS3’s are going to be bought by upper lower or lower middle class parents of snotty nosed kids. Do they honestly think any parent would fork over $900 as a christmas present then pay another $150-200 on stupid games for it. As i doubt that 900 bucks will have any games alongside it. Its ridiculous.

it will be $299, any more and the numbers sold will be to early adopters only. Items costing more than 299 $£€ are simply not impulse buys, they require much more thought and normaly that thought is i dont need it just yet.