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This is where I order most of my stuff from. They are great! I love them. My car charger was $6.99 there and AT&T wanted 25.00 for a “compatible” one (not my genuine brand-meritline’s wasn’t either but for 6.99 who cares?) I’ve used them at least 10+ times which for me is a lot!


Have not used them for sometime now but never had a problem when I did.


The service was with no complaints
I order twice it was no complaints
and Much lower price than [B]Super Media Store [/B]
Very Useful Storewide 10% off coupon ( But not all days )


Have a long history of ordering from Meritline, never a problem and always reasonable delivery times. Their private-label TYG02’s and 3’s come in a handy square plastic snap-lock case. Last summer they had TDK TTH02 printables for 20.00/100 shipped(I burned a ton of them. Good times, great discs), and TY’s have been consistently good quality. Excellent prices on flash memory, and the best price on my current DL favorite(Falcon 8X DVD+R DL hub-printables).


Correction. T-Y’s in the square cases are currently available from Supermediastore. Been a while since I needed to order them.:o


No problems here. With my blank media addiction in full force with the addition of both a Canon MP610 (coming tomorrow) and an iP4500 backup I’ve been ordering media like they are going to quit making it. :eek: Meritline has consistently shipped either the same day or the next and their packaging has been good. As a matter of fact the last shipment of blanks I got came from them and it was shipped FedEx with SATURDAY delivery!

I’m hoping they’ll have empty cake boxes with free shipping some time!


No problems here other than they do take their sweet time on shipping your items
out to you most of the time but most other places are the same way. :iagree:



Am still leery of ordering media from Meritline - however they have some kickazz pricing on paper sleeves ($3.79 shipped per 100) and their pricing on the led flashlights are the best around - but I’ll stick to Rima for my Taiyo Yuden DVD and CD-R needs - thank you very much-eh!!