Meritline:Verb DVD+R 8x DL 20pk 39.99

They don’t mention for sure which media id it is, but they’re listed at 8x, no rebate involved.

wow, free shipping too. kinda ironic that the larger spindle costs more in term of per disc.

And Verbatim only use 1 mid, so there is no other unless it is 2.4x DL
it should be mkm003
good find op

Yeah, I figured it wouldnt be the first time mkm001 was advertised as 8x, but it appears to be mkm003. Either way it’s pretty much as good as it gets without dealing with rebates.

if you look at the enlarged pic it is mkm001

This tub is of the 2.4x spindle. The true 8x comes in an orange box with five disks in jewel cases. Microcenter and Best Buy sell the true 8x box at USD 18. Microcenter has the 10-pack 2.4x for USD 18, so two of them (the same as the above tub) would be twenty disks for USD 36. The normal price for the above tub at Microcenter and Best Buy is USD 50.

Yup, those are the 2.4x MKM001 discs. Given the marginal price difference between them and the regular price at newegg (a whopping $2 after shipping), I will pass. Never been a fan of meritline’s business practices. EDIT Scratch that. Newegg has the 20 packs for just under $41 shipped. So less than a $1 per 20 pack difference between them and meritline. I’ll spend the extra 75 cents for the peice of mind. :wink:

I ordered a spindle of 20 yesterday and when I checked my order status today, it’s already shipped. Also, I called them to ask why there was a discrepancy between the photo and product description that claims 8X. They lady I spoke with said it was definitely the 8X and they probably just used whatever clip art they had. We’ll see.

At any rate, even 2.4X Verbs have been super for me so the 8X will be a bonus if that’s what it turns out to be…especially at this price. And who knows, maybe it’ll make Newegg match the same price or lower (last time I checked, their 8X verb dls were $11.99 for a 5-pack plus $5.64 shipping – maybe I missed something).

The lady on the phone probably doesn’t know what she is talking about. As mentioned above, I have yet to see a 20 pack of the 8x Verbs. They are the 2.4x D/L Verbatims to be sure (which will burn at 8x on some late model D/L burners). As you pointed out, it is still a great deal. I just don’t think much of meritline’s customer service.