and Taiyo Yuden

I’ve never ordered from, but they have OEM TY02 spindles with the Silver Laquer finish (like the Fuji finish)… which I haven’t found anywhere else. I’m wanting to place an order with them today, but I wanted to check here in the forums and see if Meritline was known for good LEGIT media?(real TY)

They’re advertised as Taiyo Yuden media (rather than just having the TY media code), and the price seems right for TY media. That and I haven’t heard of Meritline trying to pass off non-TY discs with TY media codes as genuine Yuden…

If you actually get them, ( :wink: ), they should be the real thing.

All of the TY I get from ACCA and Rima are the shiney silver finish. Are you looking for the frosted finish? I’ve never seen TY with that.

I ordered some of the frosted finnish earily monday. Price is alittle cheaper then rima, and they have a discount on 2day shipping. Never ordered from them before but, saw them mentioned in previous posts. Looks like they don’t ship same day though, haven’t recieved any tracking info.

Heres hoping they get here in once piece :slight_smile:

The ONLY thing that has kept me away from TY is the fingerprint attracting surface. As much as I dislike Meritline this could convert me. Would someone with this media please confirm for me that this is a frosted finish that really rejects fingerprints? Much thanks.

What do you mean by “actually get them”?:eek: They have poor shipping times or something?

All I had ever been able to find were the “shiny” ones also. That’s why I’m wanting to order these. Here is a page with all of their TY. You can get DVD+R or DVD-R with the silver finish.

I think I’m getting ready to place my order. That’s a pretty good price for OEM TY, and like you said… they’re cheaper than

That’s exactly why I always go hunting for Fuji TY. But now I can just order these and not have the hassle of hunting up “made in japan” Fuji at BestBuy.:bigsmile:

Ah I noticed something after looking at the site… “Usually ships the next business day” So, 1 to 2 days processing time.

“Our Cut off time is 12:00PM PT. Every order made after 12pm will be processed on next day. We don’t ship on weekends or holidays. Please allow 24 hours for processing your order. All shipping time and dates are subject to change without notice.”

Guess I should have expected to wait a few days, I’m spoiled by newegg’s same day shipping.

Meritline does rate lower in customer service than rima or newegg, so bare that in mind when you order. I have avoided them like the plague since they started throwing B-Grade Riteks at their customers. Several months ago, there were a number of people having issues with Ritek G04s when they had had nothing but good luck with G04’s previously. They were ordering from meritline to save a few bucks. I always ordered G04s from rima and newegg and never had this issue. I realize there are a number of veriables there but it is enough to make me only use Meritline as an absolute last resort.

I ordered 100 of these at Meritline as well - the Silver Thermal Lacquer ones. I put it on Ground Shipping and ordered them I think on Friday or Saturday last week. Of course with it being the holiday it’s a bad time to order but today I got my tracking info for them. :smiley: I have plenty of media as it is (150ish discs) so this’ll add to it… PLUS I’m working it out with Newegg to get those 100 8x Dupsonic DVD-R’s I ordered from them to be replaced, they’ll let me swap out for another brand or the 4x Dupsonic DVD-R’s (which work fine for me… VANGUARD media code on those) soooo hopefully that’ll be another 100 DVDR’s. lol, going to be swimming in media if that goes through yet. The 8x Dupsonic’s are Fake TY media and don’t burn worth anything FYI. :slight_smile:


I have always had good service from Meritline - but because of the troubles had by others in the forums - have changed my buying to Rima, Newegg and Super Media Store - again - no problems-


@bigmike7, congrats for your 1000th post.:slight_smile:

Did you order TY from them when you were still ordering from them. I know if you did, that it was probably TY DVD-R’s:bigsmile:. I’m going to order a spindle of the -R’s and try them out on my NEC, since you said you’ve had good luck with them.

Yo Hitman-

I have always bought my Taiyo Yuden from Rima - mainly 'cause I know for a fact that they are a direct importer of TY and Ritek - and possibly others - which means that you are going to get “A” grade media - something that you cannot guarentee that you’ll get from Meritline (look at their ratings)-

Thanks for noticing my going over 1000 - just proves that I have entirely too much time on my hands-


has anybody tried any of these yet?

Always had good service from meritline and since i’m in the same state i use to get them the next day but I’ve never ordered the TY from them.

I rarely order from them anymore(or any online media store for that matter- unless i need a particular brand for testing purposes) with TY media going on sale in some form or the other every week put together with the price match policies and the fact that all these store are very close to me; I can run out an pick one up anytime I want. :bigsmile:

I am one who had nothing but good luck with G04s from meritline and then this fall they started being quite variable in quality. I ordered some from Rima and they worked fine, so I ordered more from Rima . . . they sucked too!

I think the G04 problem is a Ritek problem, not a Meritline problem.

I used to order CDR media from them with no problems and then when I went to DVD I ordered from them alot also - never a problem, but they are slower shipping.

After the Ritek G04s started being so variable in quality I started looking around and usually other places had better prices on TY discs so I’ve gotten away from ordering from them.

I just ordered some - and + Rs from them though (TYs) and UPS shows them being delivered tomorrow, so I’ll post back how they work.


So sorry - but I posted the wrong URL for Reseller Ratings - should be - again if you type in “meritline” and see and read the results - you’ll probably never buy from them again - I have shifted away from them and will never go back unless they GREATLY improve their customer service-


Yeah, I’ve seen the complaints there and other places . . .

I’m just going by my experiences . . . I’ve probably ordered from them over 30 times (I used to trade a lot of old time radio shows so I went through a lot of CDRs!) and NOT ONCE have I had a problem. Always got what I ordered with only slight delays in shipping over NewEgg and others.

Still, it’s a risk so you just gotta rate your risk tolerance and go from there.

Rima and NewEgg have both also given me excellent service, so I’m certainly not discouraging anyone from ordering from them. I just went with Meritline this time because they were cheaper, and again, I personally have never had a problem.

One note on this order though . . . for some reason UPS keeps rescheduling the delivery! They were to be delivered Tuesday but were rescheduled for Wednesday, but when I checked today they weren’t here so I pulled up the tracking . . . they’ve been rescheduled for tomorrow! (they are shown as being in the sort facility 60 miles away)

GRRRRR! Still, not MeriLine’s fault - UPS has them and keeps rescheduling!

Hopefully I can play when I get home tomorrow!


Svenson, did you ever get your discs?