100 dvd cases for $25 shipped: Are these any good? has 100 black single dvd cases for $25 shipped.

Are these any good?

More generally, what should I be looking for when shopping for dvd cases?

I can only speak for my own experience, in my opinion unless it is specified to be premium cases don’t bother - the cheaper ones are just that…cheap shit basically…Very flimsey and bulging even scratches on the clear plastic it is pathetic. If you plan on using those for commercial purposes don’t even bother, maybe for storing your own stuff yes.

And I wouldn’t never buy anything again from that site, but that’s just me :slight_smile:

If you wish to avoid Meritline’s shoddy business practices, inferior products and product substitutions, suggest you have a look at

I’ve always had good luck with Meritline as well as the discs ordered from them. No coasters and flawless playback, so far.
I guess if everyone didn’t have different experiences and varying opinions it would be a pretty boring forum :wink:

Athough Rima is the best, I have bought from Meritline several times without any problems and would again. I bought the DVD cases in fact and they are decent. I think they sometimes sell them cheaper on sale. But with shipping included, that’s not bad, the box is pretty big.

If you look at Rima you’ll see they have better prices on cases.

These DVD cases would be for DVDs created from all of the old VHS tapes my dad created on an old analog camcorder.

Is there a particular type of push button design (to release the dvd) I should look for when shopping for dvd cases?

I purchased those cases and had good luck with them. They are not the best, but they are not falling apart either. Out of a hundred cases, I think I only had a couple that were in bad shape (clear plastic a little torn). If you are willing to spend the money then do a search for “amaray dvd case”. They are probably the best/professional cases, but they cost much more.

I think the best deal I’ve found so far is from my local Blockbuster rental store. They remove all original disks and insert them into their security cases. Then sell the original cases for $2.00/8-10 cases.

Do you have to ask for them at Blockbuster or are they on display and packaged somewhere in the store?

Also, does anyone have a recommendation for a free dvd insert creation program? (main thing is to be able to print a dvd name on the “spine” of the dvd case insert with an inkjet or laser printer)

i work at a blockbuster. you’re best bet it to ask, but we no longer receive discs in their original cases. we underwent what’s called rental repackaging and now distribution sends us the discs in out lockable amarays.

we used to throw away hundreds and hundreds of cases each week, but now we barely have enough leftover cases for our own purposes.

it doesn’t hurt to ask the store if they have any extras. Maybe they stockpiled the old ones for years. My store used to throw them out each week. I don’t know if it’s different nationwide, but my store sold them at 5 for $1 i think.

I called two local Blockbusters and looks like most come in those Blockbuster cases (so they have very few of the originals for sale).


That would have been an awesome option, though.

EDIT: What do you guys think of these DVD cases from Neato?:

2 Day shipping to New York for 100 dvd cases was under $9; 200 cases was under $14. Also, if you use their Neato dvd insert software online, they will give you a coupon for 20% off.

mshan - Those DVD cases look just like the ones at shop4tech.

And you can use coupon code CS10 to save 10%.

I read one of the customer reviews under Standard Double Black DVD Case and that person said that their DVDs are held more snugly in place than compared to the Amaray cases. But I was under the impression that a properly stored DVD should spin loosely at the hub. Can someone correct me if this is wrong? I’ve been holding off on a purchase of these cases because of this.

I’ve ordered these (and other) cases from Meritline several times. They are not bad for the price. You can get higher quality cases if you pay a lot more, but I find these a good balance of price and quality. Out of about 300 of these, I’ve had a couple where the clear plastic was torn and a couple that just didn’t close right. Overall, about 2% bad cases. The last time I bought 100 of these cases (a few months ago), I paid $14 plus about $14 for shipping. So $25 shipped is a good price in my opinion.

By the way, I have placed many orders with Meritline, and have always gotten excellent service from them.

I placed an order for 100 single DVD cases from on Sunday (with 20% discount code you get for using their online dvd insert program - code for me was PRINT).

Anyways, Ground shipping to NY was slightly less than $9 and they use 2 day with DHL.

Package arrived today (1 day transit time from Conneticutt to NY, I think) safely.

The actual dvd cases are Fellowes brand model # 83357. Each pack of 5 cases is shrink wrapped in what looks like retail packaging (says DVD/Game cases). 4 of these shrink wrap packs in a rectangular box labelled Fellowes. And then 5 of these boxes in a nice sturdy outer box (looks like 6 boxes fit perfectly in them).

The individual dvd cases appear to be high quality and with cursory exam nothing appears damaged.

The plastic of the case appears thick and sturdy and the center ring that holds each dvd is similar to those push down rings you would see for standard cd jewel cases (there are 8 individual triangles, and each appears very rugged). DVDs click nicely into place and release with moderate force on a flat surface.

Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase.

I think is a nice option to purchase dvd cases in bulk for those of us in the northeast.