Meritline Bashing?

This may be a dumb question but I’ve seen a bit of it on this forum and some on others. Why the bashing of I’ve seen them labeled as “crooks” on other sites and so forth. What’s the reason?

I ask because I need to purchase some blank media and meritline has a pretty good deal on TY 16X DVD-R. I was going to order a stack of 50 and a BenQ 1620 Pro Retail through them. I’ve never bought any blank media from them or anyone else online so I’m a complete noob here :rolleyes:

Can someone give me a good reason to reconsider purchasing from them?


My only problem that I’ve had with meritline, is that they can’t seem to tell you what the media code is on the media that you are buying. They keep saying it could be one of a few different codes, and there is not way to ensure that you get a specific code. So, I don’t buy from them, unless I know exactly what I’m getting. If it says it’s genuine, then I buy from them at times. On things that I’ve actually purchased, I have no problems with what I received.

Don`t do it.

You dont know what you are getting with blank DVDs. They could be A or B or C grade. Wait for a sale at a local store such as BestBuy if they are available to you. Avoid Memorex because you never know what you will get. Buy fuji made in Japan R+ or R- these are TY media, Verbatim R+ or R- or Maxell +/-.

Try Newegg for your burnner.

Good luck


I haven’t had a problem. Media is delivered as advertised. Cheap stuff varies in quality, expensive stuff is high quality.

Simple, people’s mixed experiences here and on other sites. Check out their overall ratings on and see if that doesn’t paint a clearer picture. :wink:

Check out their overall ratings on and see if that doesn’t paint a clearer picture.

OUCH! :eek: Those reveiws are punishing! Thanks for pointing out that site; very valuable in deciding on a reseller. I believe I will rethink my dealer choice. Thanks!

I’ve heard nothing but good about buying online at, but I don’t have any personal experience with them yet. I was thinking of making my next purchase with them for some taiyo yuden 8x +r inkjet printables.

I’ve heard nothing but good about buying online at

Yep, their reviews tell of highly satisfied customers. I’ve looked at them briefly and their prices are close to what Meritline sells for. Price was, after all, the first reason I considered Meritline. I’m willing to pay a little bit more to rest assured that my order will be properly handled from start to finish. Based upon the reviews of Meritline, I just see too much of a risk.

I’ve dealt with dealers on other types of products who were like this and it’s not an experience I’d care to repeat - very, very frustrating.

I have ordered from several times always fast delivery and have never had a problem. I usually order Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD+R inkjet printables and Taiyo Yuden 52X media from them.

I usually order Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD+R inkjet printables and Taiyo Yuden 52X media from them.

Cool :cool: that is pretty much what I was intending to order – except I was planning to buy TY 16X-R. CD-R shopping is pretty easy these days but the DVDR game is a headscratcher sometimes.

Any distinct advantages to using the inkjet printable discs? I’m guessing there might be some additional data protection with the white surface area.

I have an Epson r300 printer, and I can print text or images directly to the CD/DVD, as long as it is inkjet printable media. Much nicer than writing on them with a sharpee. Actually made about $30.00 on the deal with all the rebates on the printer. Kind of spendy to buy all 6 ink cartridges though. Even with coupons and discounts, I paid $128.00 for 12 cartridges. But it seems to last ok. I print photos and to dvd’s. Plan on going to cd’s too as soon as I burn up all the free after rebate ones I got. I still have a few hundred cd’s… :slight_smile:

like Harley2Ride I buy the inkjet printables to usew ith my epson printer ( R200) I buy the ink at sam’s club for 49.00 for a pack of six.