Meritline and Taiyo Yuden

Can I trust that the Taiyo Yuden media from Meritline is genuine and is Meritline a serious dealer. And what about DL. Is those Ritek media they offer at Meritline good quality or would you recommend another brand to a cheap price.

My personal opinion only:

  1. If you want to buy online, go to or possibly Newegg if they have the disks you want. I would stay away from Meritline as a general rule.

  2. If you want to use DL media, buy only disks made by Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. Most easily found under the Verbatim brand. Good quality DL media is not particularly cheap, since there is only one good type that is commonly available. Sometimes you can find it on sale—I bought some from Best Buy when they had them 10 for $20.

Taiyo Yudens from Meritline aren’t any worse than TY anywhere else. Everything on this page has the TY logo and TY product numbers, so there’s no reason to doubt they’re genuine TY discs.

Oh I don’t doubt that they sell real TY—I just wouldn’t deal with them. Just like I don’t buy computer equipment from Tiger Direct. But as I said, just my personal preferences.

Do yourself a favor and read customer reviews on before purchasing from any online e-tailor. Benefit from those who have gone before you. ResellerRatings appears to have changed their website since I last visited and it seems to be a bit more convoluted to get to the customer reviews, so I’ve added the link for Meritline:

Two Degrees:

I am sad to say that you are not correct on “Taiyo Yudens from Meritline aren’t any worse than TY anywhere else”. I twice received B Grade Audio 24/32X TY CD-R from Meritline instead of the 48X speed, non-value line, general usage (not audio branded) discs as advertised. Taiyo Yuden of Illinois, USA researched the discs and specifically identified the discs as I previously stated and that they were supposed to be shipped to Mexico. Ahh, the wonders of a global marketplace. You may or may not believe the headache I entertained from my subsequent dealings with Meritline concerning the media and advertising authenticity and the legality of their duplicitious business practices. You can read all about it at

Thanks for the link to your past problems with Meritline bulletx.

I now have serious doubts about the legitimacy of their TY media after reading that, and it certainly reinforces my opinion of their business practices.

We know that Meritline has sold fake TY media.
Is there anything else one needs to know?

And, as already posted, they have truly horrible customer service.

I recall Meritline selling HQ media with TYG02 media code, but nowhere did it say it was genuine Taiyo Yuden made in Japan (no TY logo, no TY model number).

Thank you for the advice. I think I will try then, and I suppose that the TYG03 is as good quality as TYG02.

It is but honestly, do you really need 16x media? The difference in burn times is only 3-4 minutes max between 16x and 8x. In addition most burners will burn the 8x TYG02 just fine at 12x or higher. Which burner and firmware do you have. BTW in addition to what has already been pointed out, meritline has rediculous shipping rates. So even if their initial prices seem a couple of dollars cheaper than rima, they actually work out to the same or a dollar or two more than rima after factoring in shipping charges. I wouldn’t touch meritline unless they had an incredible sale going on quality media. beats them hands down in every department. EDIT As far as D/L media goes, I concur with Kerry. Go with D/L Verbatim DVD+R (make sure your burner has the ability to set the booktype to DVD-ROM first). It is by far the best D/L media on the market and if you keep your eye out for specials they can be had for around $2 a disc. Ritek D/L DVD+R is a very mixed bag, so I don’t recommend them. They can easily turn into very expensive coasters for you.

I have to burners. One Pioneer DVR-108 with NILs patched firmware 1.14 and a NEC 3550 with 1.Y4 RPC1 Firmware. I’m agree I actually dont need 16X media, so if the quality is better better with 8X media i would by that. The NEC drive I bought just to use as a reader, but do you think I will get better quality on the burned disc with the new NEC drive?

I’m burning a lot of disc to my PS2, and the life of the laser is affected by the quality of the burned disc

Now there’s a comment that defies all the laws of physical science. :confused:
Sounds like someone’s been reading too many gaming and video forums. :wink:

In other words: No, the laser lasts as long as it lasts, regardless of what it’s reading.

So you meen that bad quality media and high speed burning dont affect the lifetime of a PS2 laser?

Yes, I think that’s what I meant. That’s akin to saying that too much reading will damage your eyes. You can put tortillas in your PS2, and it won’t hurt the laser, (unless you get salsa on it). :bigsmile:

OK. That was totaly new for me. But as you say this is something I have read on different PS2 forums. And I have had at least on chipped PS2 with a broken laser, and I was sure that i was because of burned discs.

At one point Meritline advertised retail 50 disc Ritek spindles and then shipped bulk unbranded G04’s in two 25 spindles. I haven’t returned to them since.

There is a reply from TwoDegrees above which mentions some discs that Meritline was selling awhile back. They wre listed (as best as I can recall) as:

“HQ Taiyo Yuden DVD DVD-R discs”

They were also listed as:

“High Quality Taiyo Yuden DVD-R discs”

The problem is as follows–>

-One could find these discs (and others) if one started at the main page, and then clicked on the links which said “Taiyo Yuden.”
-The discs mentioned above were not actually manufactured by Taiyo Yuden.
-The discs were given a name which happens to be “High Quality,” and inexperienced consumers might easily believe that those words “high quality” are merely being used as adjectives, and then they might reasonably assume that the page was listing a “high quality Taiyo Yuden disc,” as in a disc made by Taiyo Yuden which has a reputation for being of a high quality. The inexperienced consumer would be wrong. The discs are apparently being sold under the brand name of “High Quality.”

-The response from Meritline when they were asked if these discs were in fact made by Taiyo Yuden is as follows:

"Thank you for your mails.

These discs are made according to the standard of Taiyo-Yuden ,but not made in Japan .

Any question,just feel free to contact us .

Best Wishes,
Customer Service Representative/

In other words, they are made according to the “standards” of Taiyo Yuden, but they are not actually made by Taiyo Yuden.

For two discussions of these discs, follow these links:

In my opinion, this (and a few other bizarre instances) means that one should be cautious regarding Meritline. They do carry the same quality that one can find at the other respected online E-Tailers. They carry the Taiyo Yudens, and they carry the Verbatims, etc. One can find the same high quality inventory that one sees at Rima and NewEgg and Supermediastore. But, like some of the others, they also carry some garbage media. Unlike the others dealers listed above, Meritline has been guilty of somewhat deceptive marketing – and not just once – and one must be very careful in making sure that you shop carefully if you choose to deal with them. An advocate might try to argue that this was a mere case of miscommunication, and might have been partly due to difficulties with the English language. However, for the above discs to appear as a choice when one clicks on “Taiyo Yuden” on the main page is inexcusable. Regardless of the cause.

I have bought from them since this incident, but only once, and only then with extreme caution.



I wish that I had researched the web before I ordered 300 ea Taiyo Yuden (the 4x Value Pack) from “” which is really “” they operate under both names … I received the bundles as expected wrapped in Famous Taiyo Yuden Plastic Tape Shrink and had the Value Pack on it … they ID’ed as TYG02 … which I kind of expected it … but these darn TYG02 from Meritline/ STINK MAJOR … they have the WORST Graphs when I run NERO CD/DVD Quality Test at MAX …

Everyone be aware and DON’T Shop at Meritline …

  1. They Charge You mor efor Shipping … that is how they can offer their Crap few pennies less … and hook you.
  2. Shipping is alwyas late comapre ot their Competitors.
  3. Shipping package comes broken.
  4. Their Products seem to be BOTTOM OF THE BARREL.
    :sad: :sad: :a

when I run NERO CD/DVD Quality Test at MAX …

Why would you do that?