Meritline - 4x TY closeout/discontuation
It’s not free shipping for 100, but 200, 300, and 600 have pretty decent prices shipped.

ya looks like a very nic deal.
except 100 pack is $23 and 200 pack is $53 ??
mite as well buy 2 100 ones :slight_smile:

Shoot. Looks like this is going to be a growing trend (seems that shop4tech is out of them already). I daresay the value line deals will go by the wayside. Not saying they won’t be around but they won’t be anywhere near as good of a deal as the 4x value packs.

Ah, must’ve not read my post asky…look closer,100pk doesnt have free shipping the rest do. 300pk is the best value outa them actually.

That’s a hell of alot of discs to buy at once. The discs would all be coasters by the time I got to the last 100. Not a bad deal though if you are a mass burner and don’t mind meritline. BTW here is the new wave of value line. Anyone know if the coupon codes work with these?

EDIT Nevermind, coupon code CS10 works with these.

$27 shipped for 100 of them. Not a bad deal if you are gauranteed to get at least 8x.

heh ya dint read it…got it now…thnx :slight_smile:
BTW Jexterrace

The discs would all be coasters by the time I got to the last 100

y u say so??
do these degrade with time?
sorry for being n00b :slight_smile:

One caveat. These can be TYG03 and those are far from the TYG02 quality burns.

The general rule is 3-5 years for unburned media before they degrade. TY may last longer.


I’m with chas0039 - 100% on this one - you will never know what Meritline is going to ship to you - and they may just slip in some of the 16x TYG03’s to get rid of them like Shop4tech and SuperMediaStore have been doing lately-

Personally - I would stick with Rima and pay a little more and know that you are going to get the ‘good stuff’


Well, I guess I might make it through that many discs in that time frame. @asky yeah I was talking about unburned discs degrading in quality. Either way though I wouldn’t want to purchase 300 at a time.

I just got the 200 8x -R ‘free shipping’ deal from Supermedia (57.99) and so far all of them are 02’s.

Well, I was assuming these will def be TYG01 since it doesnt say value line anywhere. I did forget the fact that the picture is of value line though.

Couldn’t be. Production of TYG01 ceased quite some time ago and outside of the old value line stock piles, they are all but gone. You might still see a few left over packs of TG01 but not many. I think the companies finally realized that the vast majority of the 4x discs are gone. Hence everyone switching to the 8x value line designation and upping the price a little.

I thought this would only apply to users with old burners or firmware… at least many people have been posting that :confused:
(There was similar firmware trouble with TYG02 a few years ago…)

Neither TYG02 nor TYG03 burn with very high quality scans, if you consider the total PIE count. I have only found a single burner that will reliably get TYG02 under 40,000 errors. TYG03 are routinely 80,000.

If you don’t care about total PIE, and some people don’t, then TYG02 are fine and most burners will turn out fine burns on TYG03. I don’t like total errors this high so I don’t want any TYG03 at any speed.

TYG03 just seems to be highly inconsistent for me. One disc I’ll have 8k total PIE and decently low PIF, the next I’ll have over 3k PIF and 40-50k PIE. Now that’s with an ND- 3450 as a scanner, so it’d be a bit better with a BenQ or LiteOn. At 12x or 16x the results are far worse for me though.

Last time I checked it had to do with poor firmware support from burners more than anything else. The discs themselves are supposed to be pretty solid.

I tested TYG03 in 7 different burners, half of them new. I found the best to be the NEC 3520, thanks to another users tip. There are still too many PIE total, like 800% more than TY T02. No burner did a decent job.

Wow. Either way, TYG02 is still my media of choice. Hopefully they won’t stop production of it anytime soon.


Still get my best T02 burns on my LG 4167 and my LiteOn 1693s - same with my Ricoh 4x +R R01’s


I ordered these a few weeks ago and have had no problems in my PS2 with them. They come up as TYG02 for me, and my 451/832S is pretty happy with them. I’m still trying to find the best firmware and settings, but here is my latest burn which seems ok except for the spike(s).