Meritline: 240 CD/DVD Wallet $9.99 + shipping



I know theres a lot of bad things to be said about meritline, but I’m in the market for a new wallet and this seems to be the best deal at the moment.

Anyone ordered/recieved one of these? Request for comments on quality, etc.

I’m probably going to order one so if no one has any comments I can provide some.


If you look real carefully at the pictures - they Don’t appear to be “ring” binders. The smaller wallets are made this way. I passed on these, although the price is not bad, but in my case it was $7.00 shipping. For $20 you can get very good “ring” binders at both CompUsa and Best Buy. They are CD Projects made by Targus (208 Disc).

I just bought 6 of the 80 count wallets on eBay for $11 including shipping. The are cheapies, but fit my closet storage shelves perfectly.

Shop around some more, even Walmart has a large selection.


Check They have some good deals on wallets at the moment (almost always) and if it’s an Amazon products it’s qualifying for free shipping. Just thought I’d mention it but that is a pretty good deal even with the shipping thrown in there.