Merging Vod, Ifo, Bup files



I am trying to combine VOD, IFO, BUP files into one on my HD so that I only have one Icon per movie. Is there a simple way to do this? I’ve tried merging VOD files but dosent play sound! and movies without sound are no fun lol. If you have any advice, I would really appreciate it. Thank you :sad:


Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The best way to do this is making an ISO file with all the VOB-IFO-BUP files (I suggest ImgBurn for this), but not all players are able to read the movie from an ISO file. VLC player can read ISO files with no problems.


Well ty :smiley: I’m glad to be a part of Club MyCE. It seems that ppl on here know what they are talking about and is one of the best fourms ive seen

I’ll give it a try until then ill leave it unsolved.


You’re welcome :bigsmile: