Merging vob files

Hello all, I have some vob files that I want to burn with When I add the first one I get a message ‘do I want to merge files with the same properties’. I click yes but it doesn’t happen. I’ve done this before and it’s worked ok. I started to load them individually but they’re not going to fit on a standard DVD. Can I compress them with Dr Divx and still watch them on a normal DVD player? Also I want to merge them into a single file. Can anyone help please.

When it merges them it is just for menu purposes (1 title instead of 2)and is unrelated to fitting on a disk. As for fitting on a disk, nerovision always offers to “fit to disk” for you by reducing quality. if it is saying it wont’ fit i reckon you are squeezing too much on one disk. Check the bar graph at the bottom to see how much is fitting. Check you have selected a DVD not DVD-9. I think the max they handle is about 8 hours but the quality is very poor by then, i dont recommend shrinking to more than 4 hours (long play I think)(adjust by selecting “more” then “video options” and select quality) to merge files in nero vision just select the files to merge and press the blue merge button on the left hand side. TOO easy