Merging Titles Using Recode



As discussed in other threads, the Merge Title function in Recode simply puts several Titles into 1 VOB rather than a VOB for each. The titles still remain as separate titles.

I have a stand-alone DVD recorder which I record a TV program, and use Nero Recode to remove the adverts (I simply use the remake DVD function and add the same title several times, and edit each so only the sections between ads remain).

This works reasonably well but each program of 1 hour will typically be in 3 or 4 separate titles as a result. If I put a second program on the same DVD, I end up with 6-8 titles. I can use my remote to get to the second set of titles, but it is often guesswork, as it depends on the number of advert breaks which varies according to channel/time of day etc.

What I would really like is for Merge Titles to do exactly that (rather than merge VOBs which is all it does at the moment).

I know this can be done by NVE or similar by extracting as mpegs, reuathoring etc, but this takes ages (which is why I cut ads using Recode as it is so much faster).

Vobblanker almost does it - you can crop a segment, but as far as I can see (please correct me if I’m wrong), you can only do one segment at a time. Of course you could repeat the exercise several times and this would do the trick but this negates any speed advantage.

So does anybody know a simple way of merging titles (preferably freeware)?