Merging titles in Recode 2 problem



Can someone help me please or give me some suggestion. I have a music dvd which I always play but hate having to skip through the songs I do not like much. I decided to make a copy of my dvd with only the songs I want to listen to. I did this by the Shortening Video facilty with the Start/End tool. To do this I had to repeat the tiltle about 5 times and edit the start and end points of the song or segments to keep.

I ended up with about 6 edited titles. I then used the Mege Titles facility to merge them all. However when I viewed the disc after burning it to dvd, at the point where it changes to next title there is a pause that lasts 3 or 4 seconds before commencing the next title making it a little akward to watch. Under the guide for Nero 6 it says (5.2.2) “If a self-made dvd compilation contains a number of titles, you can combine these to one single title so they are seamlessly joined”. This is not what happened to me. Can someone please advise.


I noticed the pause of which you speak when using a similar technique this weekend. I decided to take my DVD version of the Pink Floyd movie “The Wall” and re-insert the song “Hey You”, which didn’t make the ‘final cut’ of the movie, but was included on the DVD in the extra features.

My technique was to “Remake a DVD” and add Title 1 (the movie), Title 10 (Hey You) and another Title 1 (the movie).

I used the “Start/end” to shorten the first instance of title 1 so that it stopped right after “Goodbye Cruel World” just before the fade transition to Pink’s wall (and the beginning of “Is There Anybody Out There?”.

I then trimmed the start and end of Title 10, “Hey You”; and then used “Start/End” a final time to pick up title 1 where I’d left off.

In preview mode, if flowed perfectly and I was quite impressed with myself.

But on playback, it did pause at each transition for a few moments. I assumed it was my player moving from one title to the next. If there is a work around, I’d like an answer too!


The pause just a fraction of a second with my DVD. I’m also curious about other methods of making the transition 100% seamless. Did you experiment by off-setting the frame count?


furballi, no I did not. Not sure how you “off-set the frame count”. How do you do this? Is this what reduced the pause to a fraction of a second for you?


Overlapping the frame.


Can you give a bit more of an explanation on that?


Yes I am a bit confused too as the points or frames where i have split the video into seperate title cannot be overlapped as the video between this split has been edited out therefore thre is no same frames to overlapp if you can picture what I am describing.


I copy both movies to the hard drive. Next I use Recode to go to the last frame that I want to keep in the 1st movie. I now add the 2nd movie to the compilation screen and use the chapter edit function to go to the first frame that I want to see in the 2nd movie. Recode will now process the final cut.

The delay time is 2.2 seconds with this set up.


Eh? Weren’t you saying something about “offsetting the frame count”? Or “overlapping the frame”?

Ahh - I realize something. I forgot to merge the titles on my Pink Floyd disk. Duh! So maybe the pause I saw was because I went from one title to another, and not one chapter to another. Of course!


I tried that but still the pause of about 2 to 3 seconds. But may be I did not do it right. Let me know if it works for you and I will try again but I followed the steps you described and the merging appeared not to have resolved the pause even though the Nero Guide says it does.


Ok, I’ve tried it twice now, and discovered that the “Merge Titles” feature is a laughing joke.

The only thing merged is the representation of the titles in the “content” column of the “My Own DVD Compilation” screen.

Hey NERO - I created a DVD by merging two titles. If my titles were merged; why does my DVD player still show title 1 (before the merge) and title 2 (after the merge)? Shouldn’t everything be Title 1?

THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE in the output DVD’s whether we use the “Merge Titles” button, or not. What gives?


Just an update with this. I have raised this with Nero head office in Germany. After weeks of the tech support getting me to try different things and provide details of my system etc (in case my computer was the fault), they finally passed it on to their development team who tried it and acknowledged it was a problem. They are looking at a solution for this but may be a while in development.


Thanks for the update.


Yes, thanks. There’s another thread on here [actually, another forum] somewhere about this where Nero acknowledges the problem… here it is:

I’d like to see this get fixed sometime, as it would also be the best way to get rid of all the flippers in my collection. As of now, even trimming end and start points, I always get a bit of a pause (I try cutting at the first black frame after the end of the first title, so the transition is less annoying).


Just got confirmation from Nero developers themselves that this issue will be resolved in version 7. A trial version will be available on their homepage of version 7 in the next few days so you can check this out when available. Good news but pity they ignored us in version 6 updates.


The “Merge titles” bug was the reason for me to upgrade to nero 7 premium ed…and…no luck…still the same behaviour (titles will not be joined).
Also, “two pass recode” may result in oversize output. You still have to reduce the target size manually.


Below is a copy of a previous post I made re. merging titles from Nero Recode.

After some trial and error, I have found a very simple way of properly merging titles that takes less sthan five minutes. This also requires use of the excellent freeware IFOEDITprogram (simply search web and download).

Imagine you have program on DVD with three titles, and you want to merge them as a single title.

  1. With Nero Recode, use the Remake a DVD option and select the three titles

  2. Select all three edited titles and select the button to merge them. (This step is critical for step 5).

  3. Re-encode in the normal way to a hard disk directory.

  4. Go to the Video_TS directory and backup all IFO and BUP files (to a different directory in case you make a mess of the next few steps).

  5. Now use IFOEDIT and simply click the Create IFOs button, and select the first VOB file ( normally VTS_01_1.VOB) and click ok. The IFOs are re-written, and now all three titles are concatenated as a single title.

There are combinations on how chapters can be set up. The easiest is to select one program chain, and one chapter per cell id. This does tend to give a lot of chapters, but you can quickly navigate through the progran using the chapter forward on your remote.

The other main option is to put a chapter at the beginning of a program chain, You have to select multiple program chain option and then each of the original titles forms a program chain with a chapter at the beginning. This tends to go the other way and have too few chapters.

If you examine the DVD file structure using IFOEDIT, you will see that the three titles have now been all been merged as one title.

Now of course, if IFOEDIT can properly merge multiple Titles, why can’t Nero Recode as it is simply a question of how the IFO files are written!!!



It may actually be good to know that this feature doesn’t work in 7 either, as that would be the only reason I would buy it … except for the fact that I’m really ticked Nero expects me to PAY AGAIN for NERO 7 just to get a bug fix for a FEATURE OF NERO 6 that never worked as advertised. I see nothing new in Nero 7 that makes me want it over Nero 6. When this bug is fixed in 7, it ought to be fixed in 6 as well - it was SUPPOSED to be fixed in 6.

If it isn’t fixed in 6, what are the chances Nero will provide us with free codes to use 7’s recode?


try dvdremake pro
see also dvdlab pro


Hi guys,

If I may, let me clarify something regarding “Merge titles” feature in Recode 2. So I give this a whirl to see what it does.

A little background, when you say “Title”, you are actually referring to the title as displayed in the software and dvd player. Thus, this is also shown in Recode 2 and DVDShrink, and other software. The title is actually defined in the VIDEO_TS.IFO, so let’s call this “VMG Title”. This is not the same as VTS_x_y.VOB file because it can have multiple titles.

In the compilation window of Recode2, you can only merge titles from the same aspect ratio titles. Your understanding of “Merge Titles” is that you expect 2 titles to become 1 when you merge. ok, I understand that. But, in fact, it is merging in terms of dvd structure. It’s just not what you expect to view it in the software/dvd player.

e.g., You have 3 titles in the compilation window, and you don’t hit the “Merge Titles” button, and you burn. You will see 3 VTS (VTS_0x_y.VOB, where x=1,2,3) files, and 3 Titles as displayed in the player.

If you hit the “Merge Titles” button, you will only see 1 VTS (VTS_01_y.VOB) file, and 3 Titles as displayed in the player. So the feature is doing what it is supposed to be doing. Then why does it have 3 Titles? It is just the way the feature is implemented, which also is a cause for the short delay when going from one title to another, and you can only experience this in dvd player.

To understand further, you need to dig a little deeper into the DVD structure. IfoEdit is a great tool for this. What “Merge Titles” does is it put each Title in the compilation into a PGC (ProGram Chain), a total of 3, and all within a VTS (Video Title Set). You will see 3 titles defined for each PGC, this is called “VTS Title” (In IfoEdit, it is shown as TTN_x). “VTS Title” is not the same as “Title”/“VMG Title”, and is referenced in the VIDEO_TS.IFO like:

Title 1: VTS_01_, TTN_1
Title 2: VTS_01_
, TTN_2
Title 3: VTS_01_*, TTN_3

This is the main reason why you still see 3 Titles after merging, when you are expecting to see only 1. And also the reason why you are experiencing a little pause when going from one title to another, because it is actually jumping from 1 PGC to another, indicating non-seamless playback. Could be also another reason - you may have a blank cell at the end of the title.

Since your goal is to see 1 Title and experience seamless playback, the merge must be all in one PGC, requiring the same aspect ratio, resolution, audio/subtitle tracks, etc. For this, follow Oilman’s steps above, but also add one more last step: “Get VTS sectors”!

This is what you would do. Of course, DvdReMake Pro can do this easily.

This will result in multi-PGC, and can experience pauses. Also, some players may not be able to go to 2nd title after 1st title is finished, like Powerdvd 6, unless you add a post-command also just to make sure.

I don’t know about Nero 7, if it has not changed its merging method, then why upgrade?