Merging Nero AVC MP4 Files

I was hoping someone could tell me if there is anyway to easily merge 2 or more Nero Mp4 files into one. I’ve tried using a few joining utilities but obviously with Nero’s proprietary format I haven’t got it to work.

Can someone tell me if there’s a simple solution!

I tried merging the title using the merge option in create DVD and it did create a single movie, but when I converted it to Mp4 it was out of sync.:confused:

Plz let me know if there’s a better way…


After playing a while I realized that Nero Vision is the easiest way to merge Nero AVC files. Just use the “Make Movie” option and add all the MP4 you want. Unfortunately you’ll loose any subtitles too.

It’s been a while since I left the previous post so I’d like to make a correction as to the easiest way of merging. Actually if you use the compile DVD option under Nero Recode you can simply merge titles there in to a single image. Then convert that image to Nero Digital.

I think it’s strange that the Merge option is a little testy sometimes. Not always willing to merge. There are times when you have to compile a titles to a single image then merge them with a second run.

But in the end you get everything with subs and all…

I think your first answer was better. “Make movie” allowed me to join all mp4 files into 1 mp4 file. “compile dvd” didn’t seem to recognize mp4.