Merging MPEG Files

I just discovered I can download MPEG files from my TIVO directly to my computer. Prior to this I have been recording the TV programs from the TIVO using a standalone DVD VR.

I have four separate MPEG files representing four one hour television programs that I would like to place on an SL DVD with a title menu. Is this something I can do automatically with DVDFab or must I learn to do this manually in Nero?

Is adding the title menu more trouble than it’s worth?


Hi Fred. What size and format are the files when you get them on the PC? I thought Tivos used MPEG-4, but I don’t have one.

Hi Fred
DVDFab does not have the function of making a menu so if you want a menu, Nero would be the way to go


They are MPEG-2 files using the .TiVo file extension.


What do you use to play/view them on the PC, WMP?

If I decide to go without the title menu, will DVDFab automatically set the files up to play back to back?


I’m not sure DVDFab will even read them. Never tried, but I don’t think so. You could use the DVD_VRs as sources for a Merge and get them all on one DVD with no titles using Fab.

Yes. I am using WMP 10 with the NVidia MPEG Video Decoder. The .TiVo file extension was obviously registered by the TIVO Desktop software application that performs the file transfers.

I also have a Media Center program called ATI Catalyst Media Center (a modified OEM of CyberLink’s Power Cinema) which records and plays (among other formats) MPEG-2 files and DVD Videos. I tried changing the file extension to .mpeg but it would not play in the media center.


Good day. I wish I had a TIVO or at least knew more about their inner workings to be able to provide better assistance. DVDFab will not read .mpg or .mpeg files or anything that is not in DVD format. It will read the DVD_VRs I make with my Ilo/Liteon standalone DVD recorder and process them as it would any DVD source. It sounds like a multi-step process to get the TIVO files to a format that anything else can read, but perhaps others have found a way to do this. Try Googling “TIVO hacks” or “…files” and see what comes up. Another Fab user may come aling with a solution as well. If you don’t get results in a day or so, start a new thread with a title that includes “Tivo files” to attract those with relevant expertise. And you should be able to read the DVD_VRs with Fab and put them on one disc with Merge mode (they will probably need compression to fit 4 on a DVD5, so the solution will need to include an application with this ability). This is a travel day for me so I won’t be back online until evening east coast USA time, but I’ll check then and see what you’ve found.

Try this link:

Wow! That certainly seems to handle it.