Merging iso files

How do I merge iso files. I have an iso for Windows (which is bootable) and want to add the patches (which might or might not be available) to it without losing the boot feature. I do not want to use Easy CD as I don’t want a crashed system. Any ideas. (My first thought was to try and merge 2 iso files but not much success) Also if I import it into Demon tools then add the patches and save the files to cdr I lose the boot function. Any ideas???

try a search for isobuster , that program could do the thing you want it to do… at least a thought so,

If you want the the bootable section of your CD to be the same as the one from the ISO:
there should be a file named BOOTSEC.BIN or something like that in the root dir of the CD (or ISO image if you haven’t burn it yet -> use IsoBuster or CDmage to retrieve it) the you can use in nero as the boot image file
if there isn’t any file like that, you can still get the Boot image with an option to do that in CDmage (or would it be IsoBuster)

well, get these two great programs, they will help you get the job done, though I don’t know wich one has the functions mentioned above…

Okay, firstly if they’re not RAR - probably not even valid individual ISO files.
Then the above ideas did not work, the following I found did work so it makes sense to update this thread with an alternative solution which worked for me today!..

There’s a really simple way of joining separate parts of iso files that a fellow techie called [B]ZiNgABuRgA [/B] described as below:

What you need to do is open Notepad, and copy the following line:

copy /b 1.iso+2.iso+3.iso+4.iso+5.iso fullISO.iso

(I’m assuming your files are 1.iso, 2.iso etc)

Anyways, now save the file as [B]j.bat[/B] in the same folder as the ISO parts.
Now run [B]j.bat[/B] as its a Batch file and will open a small command window whilst it joins each part in sequence together to create the full ISO which you can then mount as a drive or burn to a DVD etc. et viola ! much better than trying to use the programs noted in this thread.