Merging hard drives with Partition Magic

I have a problem! I cannot accces a drive after merging partitions. The setup of my computer… I have a 4 gig C: drive with windows set up on it. I bought a 13.6 gig hard drive for extra storage. Using partition magic I made a 3 gig partition with I intended to use for linux. Today I decided I wanted to format that partition and merge it with my main 10 gig partition for more storage. All went smoothly until the very end when I had errors. I rebooted my computer and then tryed accessing my new partition. I received the error
“D:\ is not accesible
A device attached to the system is not functioning”
I went into Partition Magic again (version 5.0) and clicked info on the drive. It said I had 10 gigs used, 2 un-used, so I know all my files are still there. When I went back to Partition and did a “check for errors” command I receieved the following.

“An invalid cluster was found in a directory entry”
“File Size does not match FAT allocation for file”

both errors came up many times. I have tried to give you as much information on the problem as I could if you have any questions please email. I greatly appreciate your help!