"merging" files for burn?



I just finished burning my first DVD on NeroVision Express. My question will require a brief description of the end product. My project is a one song slide show, about 3 and 1/2 minutes in length. I first saved it as an mpg file. Nero told me it was a non-compliant file. So, I burned it to my hard drive from NeroVision Express and I think Nero converted it into compliant files? At one point along the way, Nero asked me about merging into one video (or something like that). I answered “yes” because it sounded like the right answer. The burning process (on a DVD-R) took almost 7 minutes. Anyway, the end product is great; the slideshow looks great. But as soon as the slide show ends, it starts up again and again. I somehow burned multiple copies onto one DVD? Anyone know how I can fix that?