Merging DVDs with DVDREmake Pro problem

Hi pals…
I have two rather small DVDs which I want to merge into one and I am using DVDREmake PRO Merge option to do it. I followed all the steps suggested by Dimasoft and after importing the DVDs, when I hit Merge, I get the usual merging projects window with a “WARNING: Different VMG streams detected. This may have an undesired effect on the playback of the DVD message”.

I don’t know what to do. Can anyone help me? I searched for this problem here, but not a similar case has appeared and I don’t even know what VMGs are… , so I am lost…

Thanxs in advance

Here’s a similar case:

Make sure the aspect ratio in VMG of both discs is the same. The message could also indicate there’s different audio/subtitle streams. You can modify its attributes if necessary. You can ignore the warning, and hide anything that’s not needed.