Merging bootable ISO images

For some of my diagnostic/data restoration applications
I have the iso-images of bootable cd to be able to
use these tools if my system disk doesn’t want to boot,
i.e. Acronis True Image, Western Digital Diagnostic Tools,
Paragon Disk Manager and so on.

All of them require a few of megabytes storage.
So I need a stack of CD to have all in emergency situation.
What a wasting of storage place.

Is there any way to have a single bootable CD with all
those applications placed on ?

The one of those images I’d like to extend with
tool user manual in pdf, which is missing in original ISO image.
Do you know any manner to do such extension ?

You’d like all of these tools on a single bootable CD… is that correct?

Perhaps you should take a look at the Ultimate Boot CD which already contains a lot of such tools (only freeware tools). You might be able to customize that image by adding your own utilities.

Check it out and see if it can help you solve your needs.